It was Sloooooooow goin...but your Surprises are on their way!

Good day Friends!

Well, we've awakened to more of the dreadful 'white stuff'...I know, lots of ya like it, even anticipate it's arrival...me.........I'm SICK of it!

We're getting some really slippery snow today. Did ya realize how many different varieties of snow can fall? There's the BIG Pretty FLAKES...light & fluffy (kinda like frozen clouds) it's easy to shovel and plow, and it doesn't even stick to your pant legs and boots....and honestly I sorta like that kind! But then, there's the wet heavy sticky snow...a pain in the rump to deal with, or should I say pain the back...it's hard on the 'old bod' tryin' to move that stuff...there is also the teeny tiny flakes that look like little round pellets (until ya look closely at them-they really are flakes)..... it's very, very slippery stuff, these tiny little frozen buggers congregate and accumulate and make everything, walking, driving,... slick and treacherous! We're getting that teeny-tiny stuff today!!
Here's the view from my dining room window first thing this morning-

Yup- it's four wheel drive and yup- it's in the ditch! He didn't get hurt...

This is why I haven't been able to get my Surprise give-away Presents in the mail! I admit, I'm a chicken when it comes to driving in wintry weather!
I just WILL NOT DRIVE....so.....
I've had to wait until Steve had time to take me and the packages to town---We are expecting more snow this weekend, so rather than wait till Monday, and having it get even worse, we ventured out this morning!

It was sloooooooow goin too! But I am happy to report that all my Surprise giveaway packages have arrived at the PO safe and sound and will arriving at your house soon! :)

I'm so sorry for the delay-trust me when I say: If I could control this weather...I WOULD
......I would just send it all to Janene, cuz she loves this white stuff! :) hehe

That's it for today's post! We're on our way outside to move some SNOW............What a FUN way to spend a Saturday-NOT!
I'd rather be CRAFTING! ;)

Betcha this guy would be too! LOL!

Have a Happy, Safe and Blessed weekend, everyone!

Warm Hugs on a Wintry Saturday,