This post...goes with the post below...got so tickled I had to post TWICE :)

Well, here I am again...can ya tell I'm tickled about my sink??? :)
Here are some more pictures to go with the post I made earlier....[I posted about my dry sink around 1:00 this afternoon--as of now (6:00pm) it's still not showing on dashboard! I think blogger just enjoys messin with me...]
So--right after I made my first post this afternoon....
I received my prim goodies in the mail ..so I'm posting again!
Remember I was tellin ya about my online shopping, and how it was on the verge of being torture trying to only spend a certain amount.....
Well this is what I picked out:
I got the Colonial Stoneware jug, the Jack-Be-Nimble candle stick, the Lover's Knot Coverlet towel and the wooden crow on a spindle, sitting on the shelf above the sink.
I told myself I would have "self-control" and only spend that specific amount during my online shopping spree...and I think I made out very well-I think I pick just the perfectly prim things to add to my sink!
Whatcha think?

Please don't forget to see my first post today, about my drysink...
Thanks my friends :)