Fittin' a round peg into a square hole...

LOL-betcha thought I was referring to me...and my sewing struggles! :)
Well, I am still struggling with my sewing...but I am making a bit of progress, not much! It's all about taking baby steps! That's what I keep tellin myself!
I have a machine with an automatic needle threader...what ever that means!! I haven't been able to make it thread itself yet!
The other day, I was goin' through my computer folders, ya know...when I was supposed to be doin bookkeeping stuff....LOL...I always get side tracked....
...anyway, I came across this free pattern I had saved from Home Berries
It would be such a cute stitchery....BUT...I need to practice my sewing more than stitching...so I had this idea....the pattern guided the idea, but I didn't use the pattern. I just did it all free hand .

I didn't draw it out, I just took some fabric, folded it in half and started cutting!!
I did the sheep and piggy and a crow-rather than a rooster!
I did better NOT DRAWING it first...than I do when I try to plan it all out and draw it, then transfer it! I think each fabric cut out resembles the animal I was shootin' for! Don't you? (excuse my mess, please)

Here's my completed version of the stitchery pattern..........
My Prim Friends make-do!

The the berry pick I used has an extremely long stem, so I just used that to put all my little prim friends together, I just stuck the pick stem through the piggy then the sheep, and the top of the pick is supposed to resemble a tree! As if the crow is sittin' in the tree and the pig and sheep are under tree! At least that's how it "appears" to me anyway! :)

OK-if ya are wondering why my post title is as such...let me tell ya...
Steve was making me something for Christmas, he didn't have time to complete it for Christmas, too many other UFP's goin on....so he finally got it done and brought it over to me the other night!!
Now, some of ya know this.... I have wanted one of these FOREVER...and I never dreamed in a gazillion years that I would ever have one..................
I can't tell you how happy I am. Not only to finally have one of these beauts, but to know he made it...just FOR ME!! Cuz he knew I loved them...there is just something about them.....I find them just so...NEAT!
Steve amazes me ;) He really does! I'm not just saying that-cuz I got this new great gift...he really truly amazes me................I know he does great work...but this....well...it blew me away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, you'll have to picture it the way I do...all primmied up...[He isn't doin that part... LOL...His gift to me was the actual piece...which is just FINE and DANDY with me] so put on your prim goggles...



I already have it all tack-clothed down and stained. Yeah...I stained it first. I like the end results better doin it this way. Only certain pieces, I will stain first...then paint...and go from there...........with the rest of the prim processing steps.

Back to my post title...Steve decided to make the pegs himself, we've used dowel rods in the past, for any "pegs" in shelves and what not...this time he mortised out the hole square and cut small pieces of wood and whittled/sanded them into roundish-pegs...and boy what a really PRIM LOOK that gave 'em! So --- there ya have it...."fittin' a round peg into a square hole"!

I am posting more pictures on my other blog, ~All Things Prim~ along with better details of this piece....and will post a "finished" picture as soon as I get it done!! :) I am a Happy Happy Girl with a wonderful Hubby, who makes my life happy everyday...with or without a DRY SINK!! ;)

Hope you are all enjoying your day-Thanks for visiting me!

Y Blessings