The birth of my dry sink-whatta labor of LOVE!

To My Dear Prim Friends;

I am so happy announce...the day has finally arrived...my sink in now in my home and fits in just prim-perfect! Please bear with me as I gush with happiness over my new prim baby!! LOL....

Isn't she a beaut?!
I know, ya prolly think I took too many pics...
But I couldn't help it!

It's like having a new addition and being so proud-that ya just have to keep taking pictures (can you imagine what it's gonna be like when Ava arrives if I'm this way over a dry sink?!) I stash all my yummy scented tarts in the cubby (under the mason jars!)
Perfect place for them!

Below are some pics of the sink as I worked on it...
It was a true labor of love....

I had just put the doors on, and ready to add the turn closures....see them on top of the cubby door?

Steve made them! I know it doesn't seem like a big deal...but most of the time these parts are purchased and put on...not hand made!

here's a closer look :)

I wanted to be sure to get a picture of the pegs he made--

I love 'em! Everything on my sink, he made...except the 2 pull knobs and the hinges. These pegs are actually square pieces of pine that he whittled and sanded into a rounded peg, mortised into a square hole. Aren't they neat?!

all the sides to the top are angled outward

The back is all tongue & groove pine
I love my dry sink, and I can't believe the work that went into it!

He went above and beyond and I love him so much for making this for me!

Here's a pic of my dining room...which just happens to fall into the "where do you blog" topic!
This is "usually" where I do my bloggin! I have my laptop on the dining room table...

Sometimes I take it in the family room tho....or outside in the summer!

I don't use my office to blog in--
LOL--see why? Paper work-paper work and more paper work!

I work here...and don't enjoy to spend my "fun" time here!
It makes it nice to have a wireless network set up....I can boot up the big old computer upstairs and still do bookkeeping from my laptop anywhere in house, I can actully look at files on my desktop upstairs from right here in the dining room.... and print from it too with a wireless printer! Oh how far we've come-huh? Not to be tethered to a computer, and confined to one spot :)
Well, I hope you enjoyed your visit today, as much as I enjoyed posting about it!
Thanks so much for stopping by!
~Have a wonderful day~