Good day, my Friends~ It’s Friday! Boy, my week flew by, once again! It’s very odd, because as fast as my weeks seem to go, winter seems to be standing still!
There is only so much one can do in the dead of winter with a few feet of snow on the ground! So
I decided to do some spring cleaning, figured I would get a jump on that chore! I got the family room all done and rearranged the furniture…it seems good to have it all changed up! I did the dining room, once I got my dry sink in here…that's what started the 'spring cleaning' mode!
My next stop is my bath….not much to clean in there or move…can’t really rearrange a bath! But I do want to sort through the drawers and vanity and get rid of clutter...and get rid of old towels too...seems like we use our bath towels till they are raggedy and have strings hanging...I need to throw them out!! I have a few stashed for guests...brand new, I'm gonna get those out, and start using them!
While I was in there, I was thinking about how much I LOVE my bathroom…the word NIRVANA just popped into my head!
So-I thought I’d share “my Nirvana” with you.

This is where I come to ‘get away’ from EVERY THING! I can kick back in the family room, sit in front of the stove put my feet up and relax, I can rest peacefully in the bedroom…I am happy and content in every room of my home….but this is where I find my true peace and tranquility most of time!

Steve built this retreat just for me....I designed it, he made my paper doodles come alive! He's so good to me...and FOR ME...he just makes me a better ME! :)

My walls are a color called Apples Brandied...it's not showing good in the pics, it's NOT mauve or pinkish rose...it's really pretty, hard to describe...I like to add color on the ceilings too. I have no idea what "style" to call this?? It's not country, in my opinion, it's not really prim...my nephews call it the "castle bath" so... maybe I'm leaning towards medieval here??

I have spent many hours in this tub, soaking away all my uneasiness, and worries. I come here when I am dead beat tired and I come here when I am upset...and need to calm myself....this is my quiet place
--it's where I come-- "to let it all go"..........

This is where I find myself after a long stressful day. I soak and relax and feel like a whole new ME! It's like all my troubles, worries, aches and pains...every thing that's not wanted...just washes away and goes down the drain! :)

I read in here, I meditate in here...I can clear my head of all the things that seem so...bleak...the things I have no control over....this is where I get a new perspective on things! This is where I dream, and hope...

On occasion, I watch a movie in here...He thought of everything....he even has Sirius radio via the satellite dish piped in so I can listen to soothing music if I'd like ......there is nothing as wonderful as coming in here on a COLD wintry night and dimming the lights and watching an old movie, or just listening to some soft soothing music.

This bath, of all places, brings me happiness & bliss!

It's peaceful, it's calming, it's refreshing... it's my Nirvana...............

Where is your special place, your place to totally relax, to find yourself after a stress filled day...your place of harmony and joy....your place to just let it all go?

Where's your Nirvana?

I wish you all... a wonderful-relaxing-stress free weekend!
~ ♥ ~

This post...goes with the post below...got so tickled I had to post TWICE :)

Well, here I am again...can ya tell I'm tickled about my sink??? :)
Here are some more pictures to go with the post I made earlier....[I posted about my dry sink around 1:00 this afternoon--as of now (6:00pm) it's still not showing on dashboard! I think blogger just enjoys messin with me...]
So--right after I made my first post this afternoon....
I received my prim goodies in the mail ..so I'm posting again!
Remember I was tellin ya about my online shopping, and how it was on the verge of being torture trying to only spend a certain amount.....
Well this is what I picked out:
I got the Colonial Stoneware jug, the Jack-Be-Nimble candle stick, the Lover's Knot Coverlet towel and the wooden crow on a spindle, sitting on the shelf above the sink.
I told myself I would have "self-control" and only spend that specific amount during my online shopping spree...and I think I made out very well-I think I pick just the perfectly prim things to add to my sink!
Whatcha think?

Please don't forget to see my first post today, about my drysink...
Thanks my friends :)

The birth of my dry sink-whatta labor of LOVE!

To My Dear Prim Friends;

I am so happy announce...the day has finally arrived...my sink in now in my home and fits in just prim-perfect! Please bear with me as I gush with happiness over my new prim baby!! LOL....

Isn't she a beaut?!
I know, ya prolly think I took too many pics...
But I couldn't help it!

It's like having a new addition and being so proud-that ya just have to keep taking pictures (can you imagine what it's gonna be like when Ava arrives if I'm this way over a dry sink?!) I stash all my yummy scented tarts in the cubby (under the mason jars!)
Perfect place for them!

Below are some pics of the sink as I worked on it...
It was a true labor of love....

I had just put the doors on, and ready to add the turn closures....see them on top of the cubby door?

Steve made them! I know it doesn't seem like a big deal...but most of the time these parts are purchased and put on...not hand made!

here's a closer look :)

I wanted to be sure to get a picture of the pegs he made--

I love 'em! Everything on my sink, he made...except the 2 pull knobs and the hinges. These pegs are actually square pieces of pine that he whittled and sanded into a rounded peg, mortised into a square hole. Aren't they neat?!

all the sides to the top are angled outward

The back is all tongue & groove pine
I love my dry sink, and I can't believe the work that went into it!

He went above and beyond and I love him so much for making this for me!

Here's a pic of my dining room...which just happens to fall into the "where do you blog" topic!
This is "usually" where I do my bloggin! I have my laptop on the dining room table...

Sometimes I take it in the family room tho....or outside in the summer!

I don't use my office to blog in--
LOL--see why? Paper work-paper work and more paper work!

I work here...and don't enjoy to spend my "fun" time here!
It makes it nice to have a wireless network set up....I can boot up the big old computer upstairs and still do bookkeeping from my laptop anywhere in house, I can actully look at files on my desktop upstairs from right here in the dining room.... and print from it too with a wireless printer! Oh how far we've come-huh? Not to be tethered to a computer, and confined to one spot :)
Well, I hope you enjoyed your visit today, as much as I enjoyed posting about it!
Thanks so much for stopping by!
~Have a wonderful day~

Some new old things, and other stuff :)

Good Evening, All :)

It's Monday, again...already, and the day is almost over with!!

It's been a week since I've posted???

Boy...time sure does get away from me!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend...

Steve and I went out Saturday, we had to go get groceries, not one of our favorite things to do! Anyway, I saw this little antique store along the way so we decided to stop! It's called the Whistle Stop Antique Mall...it looked like a small shop...until ya get inside!!! You wouldn't believe all the goodies in there!!
I wanted to stop, because I have been on the hunt for a bowl and pitcher set...thought there was a chance I may just find one...But NO LUCK!

I did find an old kitchen basin ....I have no idea why it looks BLUE!

It's grey!

$4.50 for this little find! The more chips and rust...the better...I love rust, I think some times ya have to pay extra for it! :)

I found this wooden dough bowl too. Buried under some boxes!
It didn't look like this when I spotted it!

It had been abused by it's previous owner(s) :(

The bowl is a Munising.

Made by a company out of Munising MI. I don't know how old it is, I think the company made different styles of wooden bowls/utensils in 1911- into the 1950's...I paid 12.00 for it...I think it's well worth that :)

No cracks or chips. Just good old wear and tear!
But...very, very DRY! So I brought it home and gave it an oil bath.......and WOW, it's so pretty!! Well, I think wooden bowls are pretty, so it's PRETTY to me!

You can actually see the difference in the two pics below.

Before I oiled the bowl

After I oiled it - it's much happier! ;)

I have been putzing around here, moving things from one spot to another...then trying to find something to replace the thing I moved to begin with! LOL- It's a vicious putzing cycle!! I can't stand when I move something from one spot, only to have bare spot left! Drives me crazy!

Anyway, I had moved some candles and then I needed to find more to replace the one's I moved! So I found some candle sticks I had here, but I had no more candles for them...not prim ones anyway! I have a whole drawer full of old ugly tapers ...don't ask me why...I just do, ugly tapers and lots of other "junk"...guess I shoulda just said I found them in my JUNK DRAWER!

Anyway-I needed 4 and found one ugly blue one and 3 even uglier red ones, I think they were actually burgundy at one time! I had to make do with what I had to remedy their unsightly appearance...

I thought about re-dipping them, but didn't want to take the time to melt the wax and monkey around with it, so I took some of my jute twine and wrapped this one, and just added a little rusty star.

And this one, I wrapped with cotton twine, then grunged it!
and this is wrapped with some stained cheese cloth.

*~These are just for looks!!! Please don't worry--I do not intend to light them~ ;)

...and as long as I had my twine out...I made some bowl fillers too!

It's amazing whatcha can do with twine! LOL!

I have also been doin a bit of shopping!! :)
Online shoppin'... since I don't venture out in the winter (unless hubby
chauffeurs me) I can't wait to get my goodies...I had to limit myself...(very hard to do) I wanted to order some of those labels I see on just about everyones blog. They are so neat and really prim up old mason jars and candles and canisters... Rondell, Pam, Beth, Janene...I can't name you all....but everyone did a wonderful job and you are so creative, and I loved Tammy's candle idea! ;)

But, with all the prim goodies I "wanted" and only being able to spend so much, I didn't get any labels ( I didn't get a lot of things )!...I had to make some really tough choices...trust me, seeing all the prim eye candy, and only being able to pick a few things was so HARD-on the verge of being torturous!! :(

So, I tried to make some labels ...they aren't as nice as Susie's ,but they are ok for me!

Oh, Gee--I almost forgot!!!!!!!! (not really-hehe-I'm too excited to forget!).... the jars in the above pic...well, guess what they are sitting on??? I have them on my dry sink!!! Yes...I finally got it finished.......and better yet, it's finally sitting in my dining room!!!

I am so happy to have it all done...............I just love it!

I have some pictures of it and I will post them next...this post is way to long already--and it's time for me to get dinner!

I also want to be sure and thank Deb and Sharon for sharing their awards with me! Thanks to both of you for thinking of me, and for all your kindness :)

I do appreciate it!!!

Well, I have to go get dinner... hopefully I'll be able to get back on here later with some pics of the dry sink!

Have a wonderful evening, and thanks so much for visiting with me!

PS...so sorry.... I didn't take the time to proof this post...just try to ignore all the typos! ;) I hope that's not rude??

Not enough hours in my day...

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Monday!

It seems like I just don't have enough hours in my day-to post-by the time I get my household chores done and my other stuff, that has to take a priority over my blogging right now...I just can't find the time...and when I do finally have time...it's at the end of my day, into the evening... I'm so pooped, I don't feel like getting on here.
I just don't know how some of ya do it!!
I see all your crafts, your wonderful projects and read about your busy days...I am so amazed that ya even have the time to post!!
I do try to make the time to visit my bloggin friends tho! Even if it's short breaks here and there throughout the day--
--that's how I spend my free time...visiting YOU!!
See how Special ya all are!
I try to visit as many of you as I can ...sometimes I just can't get to you all....there's just too many wonderful blogs out there!!
I wanted to be sure and say "THANK YOU" to Vickie over at Momma B's Front Porch for thinking of me and sharing her award with me ;) That was so very nice!! Thank you Vickie! :)

I have been working on my dry sink...I have it all distressed, except for the little flip-top lid of the cubby. Hopefully I can get it all done in the next day to two....seems like I "think" that and "plan" that...but something always comes up and the next day or two turns into next week sometime!!!

BTW--I have been searching high and low for a bowl and pitcher set...I can't seem to find any! Do any of you have any suggestions on where I can look? Seems I have looked everywhere. I really wanted to find just a simple White Agate set..............
My mom and dad have a set that they have offered to give me, but it looks so neat in their bath, that I don't want to take it.
So-if anyone would be willing to point me in the right direction, so I may find one...it would be so appreciated! TIA!

Well, I'm off to go start dinner now!
Thanks for stoppin by- I know this wasn't' much to read...but I do appreciate your visits, so if ya stayed with me and read this post...THANKS...and please know...
....I'll try to do better next time! ;)


Fittin' a round peg into a square hole...

LOL-betcha thought I was referring to me...and my sewing struggles! :)
Well, I am still struggling with my sewing...but I am making a bit of progress, not much! It's all about taking baby steps! That's what I keep tellin myself!
I have a machine with an automatic needle threader...what ever that means!! I haven't been able to make it thread itself yet!
The other day, I was goin' through my computer folders, ya know...when I was supposed to be doin bookkeeping stuff....LOL...I always get side tracked....
...anyway, I came across this free pattern I had saved from Home Berries
It would be such a cute stitchery....BUT...I need to practice my sewing more than stitching...so I had this idea....the pattern guided the idea, but I didn't use the pattern. I just did it all free hand .

I didn't draw it out, I just took some fabric, folded it in half and started cutting!!
I did the sheep and piggy and a crow-rather than a rooster!
I did better NOT DRAWING it first...than I do when I try to plan it all out and draw it, then transfer it! I think each fabric cut out resembles the animal I was shootin' for! Don't you? (excuse my mess, please)

Here's my completed version of the stitchery pattern..........
My Prim Friends make-do!

The the berry pick I used has an extremely long stem, so I just used that to put all my little prim friends together, I just stuck the pick stem through the piggy then the sheep, and the top of the pick is supposed to resemble a tree! As if the crow is sittin' in the tree and the pig and sheep are under tree! At least that's how it "appears" to me anyway! :)

OK-if ya are wondering why my post title is as such...let me tell ya...
Steve was making me something for Christmas, he didn't have time to complete it for Christmas, too many other UFP's goin on....so he finally got it done and brought it over to me the other night!!
Now, some of ya know this.... I have wanted one of these FOREVER...and I never dreamed in a gazillion years that I would ever have one..................
I can't tell you how happy I am. Not only to finally have one of these beauts, but to know he made it...just FOR ME!! Cuz he knew I loved them...there is just something about them.....I find them just so...NEAT!
Steve amazes me ;) He really does! I'm not just saying that-cuz I got this new great gift...he really truly amazes me................I know he does great work...but this....well...it blew me away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, you'll have to picture it the way I do...all primmied up...[He isn't doin that part... LOL...His gift to me was the actual piece...which is just FINE and DANDY with me] so put on your prim goggles...



I already have it all tack-clothed down and stained. Yeah...I stained it first. I like the end results better doin it this way. Only certain pieces, I will stain first...then paint...and go from there...........with the rest of the prim processing steps.

Back to my post title...Steve decided to make the pegs himself, we've used dowel rods in the past, for any "pegs" in shelves and what not...this time he mortised out the hole square and cut small pieces of wood and whittled/sanded them into roundish-pegs...and boy what a really PRIM LOOK that gave 'em! So --- there ya have it...."fittin' a round peg into a square hole"!

I am posting more pictures on my other blog, ~All Things Prim~ along with better details of this piece....and will post a "finished" picture as soon as I get it done!! :) I am a Happy Happy Girl with a wonderful Hubby, who makes my life happy everyday...with or without a DRY SINK!! ;)

Hope you are all enjoying your day-Thanks for visiting me!

Y Blessings

January 12th, 1983...the day I knew my heart was no longer 'just mine'...

Y-these are the two pieces of my heart-Y
Put them together, and My Heart is Whole!
Steve adopted Brad when Brad was 12 yrs.old-this would become the HAPPIEST day of my life, other than Brad's "birth" day! :)

Today is Brad's birthday--26 years old--seems like yesterday, that I gave birth to this 9 pound 10 ounce baby boy! HELLOOOO- he was darn near 10 pounds!! :) My due date was Dec. 26th---he arrived on Jan. 12th!!! Now-I just thought that they (the Doctors) messed up on my due date...I mean, come on...16 days overdue...and back then, (ya know you're gettin old when ya use the wordage-"back then")....they didn't induce ya, just because ya wanted them to!!!!

Well, let me tell you--once I had to try to deliver him...I figured out rather quickly that his due date of Dec. 26th was actually SPOT ON...and if Brad would have come "on time", well he would have made it a lot easier on ME :) LOL---that should have been a 'red flag' right there...STUBBORN, and always wanting to do things HIS WAY! ;)

Ya know how fast a newborn grows...two-three weeks after ya bring them home...ya see the changes...and can actually see them grow right before your eyes! Well, they GROW even faster inside the womb than they do outside the womb! LOL!

Heck he stayed put for so long, that when he did decide to venture on out...he had to skip all the cute little "newborn" clothes I had for him, and we jumped right on into 3-6 month outfits!!

Anyway- 26 years ago- MY Y HEART was NO longer just MINE, and never ever would be again!!

I wrote the poem below for Brad, for his Birthday, when he was stationed in Iraq--that was the most difficult January 12th I've ever had...harder and more painful than birthing a nearly 10 lb baby!

Just in case I never told you…

I am so very PROUD
I think you know my feelings
Though, they weren’t [always] spoken aloud
You’ve become a man before my eyes
Strong and brave and bold
Seems like only yesterday
You were barely two years old
The years have passed by quickly
Times of troubles and of joys
My eye looks upon an man
My heart still sees 'my little boy'
Over the years I’ve watched you grow
Body, mind and soul
The changes came-some where hard
But that’s what makes you whole
As I sit here writing this
My heart has mixed emotions
An emptiness rushes over me
Like the waves crashing in from an ocean
I guess it’s hard to understand
Until you have your own…
The ‘love’ for a child is powerful
Ever-lasting…once that seed is sown
A prayer was whispered long ago
I prayed for only one
That I may find my own salvation
…and He sent me YOU, my Son
I still pray for only one
But now that ‘one’ is YOU
I ask that He will guide and care…
...through Him, you acquire peaceful refuge
In case I haven’t mentioned it…
Please know I’m very PROUD
If you could see inside my heart
You’d see pride and joy abound
So…just in case I haven’t showed you
Tuck this glimpse away
It’s a picture of my heart
Where I keep you everyday.

©K. Bosko

Happy Birthday, Brad
I love ya Y Mom

Thanks for stopping by my friends...and thanks for lettin me share my "Y"

Hope you all have a Happy Day-


It was Sloooooooow goin...but your Surprises are on their way!

Good day Friends!

Well, we've awakened to more of the dreadful 'white stuff'...I know, lots of ya like it, even anticipate it's arrival...me.........I'm SICK of it!

We're getting some really slippery snow today. Did ya realize how many different varieties of snow can fall? There's the BIG Pretty FLAKES...light & fluffy (kinda like frozen clouds) it's easy to shovel and plow, and it doesn't even stick to your pant legs and boots....and honestly I sorta like that kind! But then, there's the wet heavy sticky snow...a pain in the rump to deal with, or should I say pain the back...it's hard on the 'old bod' tryin' to move that stuff...there is also the teeny tiny flakes that look like little round pellets (until ya look closely at them-they really are flakes)..... it's very, very slippery stuff, these tiny little frozen buggers congregate and accumulate and make everything, walking, driving,... slick and treacherous! We're getting that teeny-tiny stuff today!!
Here's the view from my dining room window first thing this morning-

Yup- it's four wheel drive and yup- it's in the ditch! He didn't get hurt...

This is why I haven't been able to get my Surprise give-away Presents in the mail! I admit, I'm a chicken when it comes to driving in wintry weather!
I just WILL NOT DRIVE....so.....
I've had to wait until Steve had time to take me and the packages to town---We are expecting more snow this weekend, so rather than wait till Monday, and having it get even worse, we ventured out this morning!

It was sloooooooow goin too! But I am happy to report that all my Surprise giveaway packages have arrived at the PO safe and sound and will arriving at your house soon! :)

I'm so sorry for the delay-trust me when I say: If I could control this weather...I WOULD
......I would just send it all to Janene, cuz she loves this white stuff! :) hehe

That's it for today's post! We're on our way outside to move some SNOW............What a FUN way to spend a Saturday-NOT!
I'd rather be CRAFTING! ;)

Betcha this guy would be too! LOL!

Have a Happy, Safe and Blessed weekend, everyone!

Warm Hugs on a Wintry Saturday,