My wish for YOU in the New Year:

…May your life be beautiful in the upcoming year…

May you always:

Love yourself

May you be at peace with who you are and where you are at this point in your life

Listen to your heart

May you always hear what it’s saying even in this noisy world….

Make time for yourself

May you enjoy your own company…let your mind wander among the stars…dream….but more important, dare to follow your dream!!

Try new things, Take Chances

….May you dare to make mistakes, life can be messy and confusing at times…but it’s also full of Surprises, the next ‘rock’ on your path just might be a ‘stepping stone’.

May You Be Content

….when you don’t have what you want, want what you have!

Make do…that’s the well kept secret of contentment.


There aren’t any shortcuts to tomorrow, You have to make your own way.

To know where you’re going is only part of it…You need to know where you’ve been, too.  

And if you ever get lost, don’t worry…those who love you will find you, count on it! 

Life isn’t days and years.  It’s what you do with time and with the goodness and grace that’s inside you!

Each one of you have so much goodness and graciousness within you…I just know you will

Make 2010 a Beautiful Year….

The kind of year you deserve!


Happy New Year, My Good and Gracious Friends… 

May you be blessed in 2010 and beyond!!

Much Love, Kath

My Fireplace, a BIG Thank You & Merry Christmas Wishes….


I wanted to be sure and make a quick post to THANK YOU ALL so much for the Happy Birthday wishes and the kind words you shared with me about my exciting news. 

You are the best prim pals ever ;)


As promised, I have some pictures of the fireplace to share with ya. 


I haven’t finished decorating it yet…  

I still have to do the top and get something on the two walls…but here it is so far!


I just finished up this garland a little bit ago…it’s dried cherries…. dried orange slices and some dried bay leaves…it’s hard to see the leaves because they are turned on edge…it’s really pretty tho. 008

Please don’t mind my mess on the table, I see I forgot to pick some things up…


I think it turned out very nice for a sorta ‘make-do’ fireplace…our only expense was the insert itself …most everything else was left overs… brick and re-purposed oak (most of which is actually base trim that we ripped down then layered to make it appear more massive than it really is :)


I decided to put it in the corner so I can see it from the kitchen…

The photo below is

the view  looking into the dining room from the kitchen


What a difference, it makes it so cozy in homey in there!!

[btw---are my pics too big??  They seem bigger since I changed my blog template…if they are too big let me know!]

Just in case I can’t get back on here to make another post before Christmas…

I’d like to Wish you ALL the Merriest Christmas ever…

May you and your family be blessed with the light of Christmas, which is faith…the warmth of Christmas, which is love…the hope of Christmas, which is peace…

Merry Christmas, friends!

God Bless Our Troops and their families.

Thanks so much for stoppin’ by♥

Until my next post….TGC!

~ ♥ ~


It’s my Birthday…and I have a BIG “WHOOO-HOOO” to share with you all!

Hi Friends,

Hope you all are doin well, and have everything ready for your holiday festivities!

I can’t get over how fast this year has gone by!  Can you?  I was hoping the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas would slow itself down just a bit, but instead, it seems as if it has shifted into a higher gear and SPED up! :)

I am just about ready for Christmas…a few things still need doin…but for the most part I’m ready! 


So, tomorrow is my birthday-“whoo-hoo”!

I’m gonna be 48—gee, I used to think that was “old”…I don’t feel old…48 isn’t OLD…is it?  Naw! ;) it’s just a number…’least what what I keep tellin myself! ;)

I have had one heck of a ‘birthday week’!!

One I will never forget!  EVER!

If you’ll remember, I wanted to build a new table for the dining room, and Steve decided instead, to gift me with a fireplace!


(this isn’t my BIG whoo-hoo---that’s yet to come, ya’ll have to stick with me here….)

I was so hoping to actually have the fireplace finished for my birthday…that was my goal…and YES….I think it will be!☺

We got the fireplace exterior all finished last Monday evening!  This project went pretty quickly for us, [PTLusually our projects drag out, and for some reason this went very smoothly-you’ll see why we are so happy it went smoothly if you continue reading]….please don’t leave me just yet! :)

…we had everything here and just had to rough frame where the fireplace would go, then install our brick (left over from the kitchen project) and build the mantel (using the oak we had left over from the old kitchen remodel).  So it pretty much just fell into place!

It’s a gas insert, so it’s not like we actually had to “build a real fireplace”!

All that’s left to do is run the gas line, that should happen today…who knows…we are soooooo  close….I am still hoping to have “FIRE” for my birthday!


nope not the BIG one, keep reading ;)

So this has been a great week, getting that done  – well ‘cept for the “fire” part lol! ;)

…and getting most of my Christmas preparations done….that’s a big load lifted…I was having a darn good beginning to my birthday week, it couldn’t get better, could it?!


I received a wonderful package in the mail from Loretta, filled with all kinds of goodies! WHOOO-HOOO!! I will show you those in a little bit here!  I didn’t think my week could get any better…mom has my birthday dinner all planned out…she makes me a special dinner every year.  I’m blessed…Thanks mom!


Then it HAPPENED….

Tuesday came, and it got


We went over to mom and dad’s for dinner and when we got home there was a package waiting for us.

We took it in and opened it, and there were two [large, matted and so nicely framed], pictures of Van & Ava sitting on Santa’s lap!  They were all dressed up in matching pretty Christmas outfits…too cute!  I was so happy, one for us and one for my parents…what a thoughtful gift from the kids!  I LOVE it!  I’ve been sorta blue, missing the kids so much and not being able to spend the holidays with with them….this gift made my heart so happy!  …and mom and dad loved theirs  too!


So, as I am opening that and getting ready to take the other one over to mom and dad, the phone rings………….

Steve answered it and handed it to me :)

On the other end I hear:

“Hi…. is this Kath, from the Olde Weeping Cedar?” 

I said…Yes….

the voice on the other end says….

“this is Linda Rudman”…

Oh my goodness…I was so tickled!!  What a nice thing for her to do, call me to chat.    


Then she asked me;

…are you aware that CS is trying to contact you?

WHAT?????????  NO!!!!!

For REAL???

Now, I was in SHOCK, serious, stuttering, babbling, not making sense, SHOCK!! [poor Linda ;) ]

I really have no idea what I even said…

but, Linda was kind enough to look me up and to contact me to let me know that they had contacted her and inquired about me…. she then gave CS my contact info and after I got off the phone with Linda, Esther called me!!   She asked if we would be interested in having our home featured in CS…well, ya know what I said, right??


We would be THRILLED! (‘least that’s what I hope came out…who knows…I was just beyond HAPPY and Excited…)

She asked me to please send some photos of our home and they would get back to us…

I was hoping to hear something back and just maybe they would indeed choose our home for a shoot in the future!

How exciting!  And oh what a Dream come true!


The next morning, Wednesday, I got an email saying CS would like to indeed shoot our home for next years Holiday edition!!


wait for it…….


here it comes…..

The BIG-


This all happened so fast…I had no clue, not one inkling!  I was beyond shocked….still am!

LOL…Steve didn’t believe me when I told him about Linda’s call…to be honest, I didn’t believe it either! I never sent in any photos, so I had no idea they were even looking at or considering our home. 

Talk about one heck of a BIRTHDAY surprise, huh?!!

So this is why I was so happy that fireplace project went so smoothly and is finished, Esther told me they would like to come shoot our home for the holidays, which means I will have to leave up all the Christmas decor for a bit longer than I usually do….but it also means they will be here rather SOON…I could just picture us having that fireplace started and not done…what a nightmare that would’ve been!

So needless to say, I am still floating around on cloud 9…Tuesday I was excited/honored to know that CS saw our home and may consider it for a shoot…Wednesday morning…I was beside myself knowing they wanted to do a shoot!! 

…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME…what a GIFT!!  What a Fabulous week I have had!!  And how wonderful it is to be able to share it with all of you!!


Thanks Linda, for getting in touch with me and passing along my contact info…I still can’t believe this is happening!

It hasn’t even sunk in yet!!

With the holidays right upon us and so much to do…I have had no time to just sit here and let it all soak in!  One Another good thing is, at least I already have the house all decorated for the holidays…so that’s a bonus! :)  I will just be doin a lot of tweakin’ after Christmas is all!

Well now, I do have a few pics to share…I know every one likes pictures, and I’m sorry this entry was so long and wordy…and has only a few pictures.

I have mentioned before that I’ve wanted to make myself a floorcloth…well, I wanted to try it before I spent the $$ on stencils and canvas and such…so I found a rug I had out in the shop, and thought I’d just try it!


so, this is the “back side”, the front looks just like this….except that lighter toned band you see isn’t so prominent on the front side….I just wanted to show ya what I started with…



I just taped off the part I wanted black, painted it and after it dried, I used parts of some stencils I already had here…it was tough getting it all measured and spaced, but after some measuring and “re-measuring” LOL…I got it!  Then I put a few coats of water based poly-acrylic on…I think it turned out great for my first attempt…and making do with what I had on hand…


I also made some more blackened beeswax pantry cakes!  OH YUM, they smell divine! ;)

I have some olde candy molds I found at the antique mall, last summer…and used those!  Love how they turned out!


I would show ya a pic of the fireplace, but I think I should wait for the “fire”…don’t you? 


Here’s those wonderful goodies Loretta sent me!

She spoiled me, I got some things for Christmas and one VERY special and VERY thoughtful gift for my birthday! ;)


She gifted this Belsnickle (Ragon House Collection) Santa to me…LOVE HIM!


She included a bag of little pear bowl fillers, these tappers.  Also an ornie, which I forgot to put in the picture, sorry Loretta.  Oh and a bag of candy that Steve ate already! 

…and see the NEAT Pewter Pineapple Bell??  That’s my special b-day gift!  I LOVE PINEAPPLES, I LOVE PEWTER, how on earth she found a pewter pineapple bell is beyond me, but I just adore it!


It’s very pretty, isn’t it?!

Thanks so much, my sweet friend! ♥ You and our friendship mean the world to me!

We are working on the gas line as I mentioned above, so as soon as we have that done, and we have fire I will be sure to post some pictures.

I want to wish my fellow December babies a very Happy Birthday, there are many of you and/or your family members having birthdays this month too…I wish you and yours the happiest and most blessed birthday every!!

That’s it for now…

Until my next post…TGC, Friends!

Thanks so much for stopping by and for letting me share my exciting news with you!!


Wishin’ You and Yours and Very Merry Olde Christmas!


Ahhhh Good Olde Christmastime Tweakin

Is there an end to the madness?…LOL

Seems once those Holiday decorations go up….the tweakin never ends :) at least here at our house!



Hello Friends. 

Hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday.  It’s WINDY and raining here in PA.   We’re having Thunder Storms now-in December!!!  Crazy, huh?!!!

Last year at this time we had “feet” of snow on the ground.  I see a lot of you are getting hit hard with snow…I honestly don’t miss it…Yes, the first snow fall is pretty, and exciting….and yes, I enjoy it…but we already had ours, back in Oct!  So the excitement has sorta passed! :)

I know Pam is pretty excited about the snow…aren’tcha my friend *wink*…how much ya got now???  3 feet?? hehe…sorry, didn’t mean to laugh!  I know We’ll be getting our share soon enough…




I just wanted to post a few tweaks …

so- go ahead…take a peek ;)


064  I put my lighted garland on the staircase railing.  This is in the front entry.  Just tied it on with striped ribbon and added some pine cones.  Ribbon with wire edges is my friend! :)   012

Below is just the view from the dining room




I put this twiggy pine tree in here, and decorated very simply, with birds!  My friend Maurine made them for me…I had a few, not enough to decorate the tree with, so she made me more…enough to fill the tree quite nicely!  Don’t they look right at home, perched in the twig tree?

Thanks so much Maurine!


This tree is my multi-tasker tree!

It also acts as a CORD HIDER! :)

(dreaded cords…anyway-they are always hard to hide, but the holidays bring a lot more cords out and a lot more challenges with them!)

The cord from my garland is running behind the tree…the empty crates ya see won’t be empty for long, white poinsettias are goin inside of both and ontop of the one without the light.  I ran another garland on the floor…LOL…Am I the only one to put garland on the floor??

It will look really pretty once the poinsettias are set in place, the garland will cast a soft glow on them…



Tweakin the bathroom  103

…this is where I decided to hang my homespun rag-knot wreath!  I really like it in here.  I made it last year, it was s’posed to be a garland…but then I discovered it was too short to go around my tree….It took me forever, and I didn’t want to make another one…so I grabbed a grapevine wreath and wrapped it ‘round that.  055

here’s a closer look [Christmas ‘08 photo]

 Colleen has a wonderful tutorial on her blog if you’d like to make one…..


Next, well ….This is just my DEAL OF THE DAY I wanted to share! :)

see the braided rug in the kitchen…


5’x8’- it fits the space perfectly at the one end of my kitchen…Ok-ya ready???

I got this rug for 50.00 and FREE SHIPPING to boot! :)  Awesome buy!  JCPenny!  It was on sale, (I think it was 50% off) which was a great price, BUT….  I had a bonus points card that reduced my price another 50 bucks…I just couldn’t pass this up! 

108 A 5’x8’ braided area rug for 50.00!


I’m so tickled about that ;)




Here’s some tweakin in the Kitchen…


Just a wooden bowl filled with fresh cut pine bows and a scoop fulla dried crab apples


Oh…here it is again…hehe, I moved it!


I stuck some fresh pine in the crock of yarrow I have on the island…I don’t really put my ‘everyday stuff’ away, I usually just add to it…I just do everything as simply as I can…leave the everyday gatherings out and add to them!


I placed my Ole Santa with the crock of yarrow & greens…just enough “holiday” for me :)  In the back ground, I put some bronzed poinsettias and berry twigs in a pitcher.



Here’s some more kitchen


…just a bowl of fresh citrus for a pop of color…a Christmas sign I made ( I really like the black sign against the brick)  I stuck some holly berries in the herbs that sit in the crock on the sill…and I added some little tea light candles to the cabinet…I also have stars hanging on each window.

Simple huh?

The outside is just as simple as the inside, a wreath, made with a mixture of fresh greens and juniper berries, candles in all the windows,  and small trees flanking the front door…that’s it!   So pretty at night tho!



We’ve been working on another project too…I’m very excited about it….remember I mentioned in an earlier entry that  I would love a new dining room table and have been planning for that…maybe for my birthday :)

Well….that’s not gonna happen…

Yes….I was a little bummed about it, at first…but I did know that hubby is extremely busy and probably wouldn’t get to it anytime soon, I was hoping for a ‘Birthday Table’ by Valentines Day :)

He informed that I’m not gonna be getting my “birthday” table…not for my birthday day anyway, probably not even for Valentine’s day…reason being…

He surprised me with something else…

A Happy Birthday-Fireplace-, instead!

Seems we have some brick left over from the kitchen just sitting around that can be used…also, lots of Oak from when we did all the trim and stair case…so…why not use all the leftovers and put a fireplace in the dining room??!!

WOW-I was WAAAAAAAAY OK with that plan!!! :)

The table can wait!

Happy Birthday to ME from my ever so thoughtful Hubby….he did indeed redeem himself after that thigh master gift he gave me!  LOL!

So, we have it started…..just have to get it finished now…my birthday is in 10 days…CAN WE DO IT???!!!

I’ll letcha know……hopefully with some “finished” pictures soon! :)

Until then…TGC, Friends… and Happy Holiday TWEAKING! ;)

J♥yfull Blessings, Kath

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime….


…The party's on

The feelin's here
That only comes  ♪
♪  This time of year
Simply having a wonderful Christmastime
Simply having a wonderful Christmastime ♫


Happy December, Friends!

I just knew November was gonna get away from me…and I was right!

Man did that month blow by fast!

Here it is December already, mom and dad are back up here for the holidays, they got in yesterday.

Seems so good to have them here, especially for the holidays.

Speaking of the holidays I have started my decorating!!

I still have a little more to do,  just little touches here and there, a couple of shelves to decorate and the mudroom…I’ll share what I do have done so far tho :)

The title of my blog entry…

“Simply having a Wonderful Christmastime”….represents how I feel!  “SIMPLY” being the KEY WORD!

Christmastime in our home will be Simple yet WONDERFUL…

The more simple, the more wonderful it is!


Here’s a glimpse,

Welcome to

Christmastime at the Bosko’s


Gee, it’s been so long since I’ve posted, I forget to tell ya….I moved the drysink into the kitchen!  I decided, [for now anyway], that I want it in the kitchen, so I put it where we were goin to have the second pantry cupboard…. oh

and we made this shelf to hang above it!


 I have my Jim Shore angels gathered here, I collect all kinds of angels…I have them everywhere, inside, outside, upstairs, downstairs….


I think these are some of my favorites tho, I like the colors and the folk art look of them.

We put a tree up in our kitchen this year too, very enjoyable, sitting in here with the it all aglow!  Even makes cooking more enjoyable! ;)


 I don’t care for the colored lights…this is Steve’s tree :)  He love’s the colored lights!

I have to admit, it’s growing on me ;)

Again, SIMPLE is the key…we used colored lights, grapevine garland that we cut and made, dried oranges, real candy canes, that’s it!  Oh and of course, the tin angel atop…


 It’s so nice having a tree to enjoy in our kitchen…very cozy, and festive…




Next, the dining room…again…SIMPLE is the ‘theme’ this year ;)

Table top


The holiday decor for my dining room  consists of pine cones and cedar.  Fresh bows off the OLDE WEEPING CEDAR to be exact.  It’s so pretty in my large dough bowl….

Cedar is my favorite of all the greens.


Ok-I need to share something….I know you’re prolly gonna think I’ve lost it here, but I just have to point something out…[in the picture below]…and since I’m amongst friends…if ya think I’m crazy, I know you’ll keep that to yourselves…right?


I went out and cut some bows off my Weeping Cedar…the Weeping Cedar planted in memory of our nieces, Hannah (our God Daughter) and Emma…who are now beautiful little angels in heaven……anyway, I brought the bows in and placed them in my dough bowl and took a few pictures…the first picture I took had a little glow on the tip of one of the bows…do  ya see it in the photo above?

When the photo is enlarged, or the actual size I viewed it in…the glow looks like an ANGEL, at least to me it does…her head and wings are glowing…it isn’t in any of the other photos either…only the first one I took!    

042Here’s the glow 



…and here, I outlined her…do  you think it looks like an angel? her body, head and wings, and even a brighter halo…

You all see her don’tcha? Please tell me ya do!!  ;)



My Simple Table Gathering


A bowl of pinecones & Weeping Cedar bows,  the Bible, and a sweet little Angel named Hannah ;)




Cedar garland around the light fixture


A simple cedar bow draped over the pegs on my shelf and a few pinecones …see the tree on the shelf?  That’s a Sweet Annie tree I made!  Smells wonderful!


  In the hutch…again, one bow from the olde weeping cedar drapes down over the shelf…


“Simply havin’ a wonderful Christmastime”




Here we are in the family room…


In keeping with my theme :)

nothing elaborate…a simple prim tree, donned in handmade ornies, and some that I purchased, I have real candles clipped on the branches and a homespun garland.  I used a quilt for the tree skirt.  My Snow angel sits atop this tree.





I have a winterberry wreath hanging on the door, with a few hydrangea heads tucked into it.



The bathroom has a tree too!

SIMPLE, no decorations! Can’t get any more simple than that, can ya?


That’s all I have done so far…I still have a bit more to do, I will post pictures again when I get the rest finished.  I still want to decorate the mud room and add a few greens here and there.  For the most part, I’m done tho.

Hope ya enjoyed seeing this glimpse of our Christmastime…Simple as it is!

I am (very much) enjoying visiting your blogs,  all your homes are so beautifully decorated!!  Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, or…. maybe that’s the Bailey’s Irish Cream I put in my coffee??  :) Either way, I am enjoying my coffee and my visits!

Keep those Christmas posts coming!!


I can’t close without sharing the prettiest picture of all!



Here’s Little Miss Ava Kathryn, isn’t she getting big?  I can’t believe it!  Each time I get pictures she’s changed so much…she is sitting up now, straight and steady….and she looks just as proud as a lil peacock about that, doesn’t she? :)

She is so pretty, I think she gets prettier every time I see her!


So friends, that’s it from here…I wish you all a happy rest of the week…I have a few more orders to do and some more decorating, shopping and a party to plan…then I will be back!!

Until then….TGC & Enjoy the Season!


Oh, how rude of me…..hehe…just in case ya have this song stuck in your head now…

here’s the words-I was humming it while I was typing this entry--

Were YOU??


[Paul McCartney]

The moon is right
The spirits up
We're here tonight
And that's enough

Simply having a wonderful Christmastime
Simply having a wonderful Christmastime
The party's on
The feelin's here
That only comes
This time of year
Simply having a wonderful Christmastime
Simply having a wonderful Christmastime

The choir of children sing their song
Ding dong, ding dong
Ding dong, ding Ohhhh
Simply having a wonderful Christmastime
Simply having a wonderful Christmastime
The word is out
About the town
To lift a glass
Ahhh don't look down

Simply having a wonderful Christmastime
Simply having a wonderful Christmastime
The choir of children sing their song
They practiced all year long
Ding dong, ding dong
Ding dong, ding dong
Ding dong, ding dong
The party's on
The spirits up
We're here tonight
And that's enough
Simply having a wonderful Christmastime
Simply having a wonderful Christmastime
The moon is right

The spirits up
We're here tonight
And that's enough
Simply having a wonderful Christmastime
Simply having a wonderful Christmastime
Simply having a wonderful Christmastime
Simply having a wonderful Christmastime

Have a happy day!


Joyful Blessings


Prim Pieces•Pantry Cupboard•Plenty of “THANKS”


Hello friends!

Thanks for stoppin by….

My gosh, I can’t believe how my days are getting away from me.  I have been so busy, I know you are as well…doesn’t it seem like each day passes a littler bit faster than the day before, or is it just me?

Ya know…I have actually been working on this blog entry for a while now…usually at night, when I have a free minute I upload some photos and type a bit…

I know it’s sorta long and I know some of you have already seen some of these pictures, but I wanted to at least,  finish one post in the month of November, so I might as well make it count! lol!

So, here’s what’s been keeping me busy…

orders…lots of ‘em….Thanks so much to each of you who’ve placed an order …I am so happy you like my pieces, and I am doin my best to keep up!

Thanks!! Thanks!! Thanks!!



I’ve been working on some other stuff too, I made these  tiny little ditty bags, filled with sweet annie…these will be ornies for my tree this year!  I only have 8 made so far…I have a lot more to make.  I want them all over the tree. 




Remember the blackened beeswax candle I made…well I now have a small candle round for it!  Perfect!


And this…a new candle paddle, colonial inspired…010Oh…and this one…just simple & prim…


…actually, these two candle paddles are one in the same, it’s reversible! 

I also wanted a place for my little beeswax candle nubs I’ve been making, so I made this candle keep board.


…the pattern matches my candle paddle.

I did this in pewter, Colonial Red, Black and Harvest Gold, rusted some cut nails to rest the nubs on  018




In my last post, I was tellin ya about my pantry cupboard…I know it’s been a while ago…ya prolly don’t remember!?

012We finally finished it this past week

and I got it all painted, stained and waxed this past weekend!  

We still have another one to make.

But I’m so happy to have this one finished and in the house! 

Thanks, sweet hubby,  for building sucha beautiful piece for me!


Love the Antique Pewter latches


 So are ya ready to see the finished pantry??

 Oh, ya know what…before I show ya my new pantry cupboard, I want to show you something else, well a couple of things…

…this is an apron my friend Maurine made for me, I love it, it’s laying on my bench in the kitchen next to my pantry, and the stitchery next to the apron…well that’s one I’m working on!!  Ok…it’s one I have been working on since last winter!!  But I am bound and determined to finish it!


…and speaking of Maurine, and the apron….

She also made me a bonnet!

Love the bonnet, Maurine!  I knew it would look great on my pantry door, and I couldnt’ wait to finally hang it!

Thanks so much….068



One more thing…then I will get to the pantry photos, I promise…

I just want to say Thanks to Janene, ya all know what a great treasure hunter she is…well she found me some wonderful pewter pieces.

The plate is my mom’s and the candle stick I got at the antique mall when Pam was here visitng. 

Janene sent me the bowl, the little pitcher,  the spoons and the S&P shakers-Thanks again, girl, they look great in my cupboard!! 031


Ok, ya ready??  Here it is… my  pantry!

I stained the doors and the inside to match the Whiskey Blackend Alder cabinets in the kitchen and did the outside of the cupboard in black to match the heirloom black cabinets (yeah, I’m anal I’m a “matcher”…)

I do love the rounded doors and the pewter latches match the knobs & pulls on the cabinets and the switch plates. 009

The inside of the doors are pegged/braced, love that look

045 (2)

This olde floor sweeper was my great grandma’s…what a treasure, it’s neat isn’t it?

Below are some more pics…





Gathering on top……065

Sorry about the window, it looks bad, I know…the trim still isn’t finished…we still have to finish that, the shelf above this window, the molding around the doors and the floor base…Geeesh, when I type it all out,  it looks like we have a lot left to do yet!



It will look like this window when we get it finished…and the two pantry cupboards will flank the window… 005

 Hoping to get the window trim done and the other pantry at least started before the holidays…we’ll see…I am also in the process of designing a new dining room table….that is s’posed to be my Christmas/Birthday gift this year…but I think my Sweet  hubby has enough to do, and finished around here…so maybe that will be my Valentine’s day gift instead?? :)

He owes me big time on the old Valentines day gifts….see, he bought me a “thigh-master” one year…(remember those?)…

LOL…who buys their wife a thigh master and gives it to her on Valentines day???? 

Only my ever-so thoughtful hubby-that’s who!  Haha…he’s still payin for that one!


Before I close…I want to show ya this!

Here’s a pineapple my dad grew! :)  That’s one thing we can’t do up here in PA…grow pineapples.  It was ready to pick when he got back down to FL, mom said it was very sweet and yummy!!

(btw-nice pic mom) ☺



I have one more “thanks” to give…and it’s a huge one…

 Thank you to all our Vets, past & present. 

I think we really need to show more gratitude, more appreciation, towards our vets…Thank them more often….they have given so much for us.

My prayers go out to those Soldiers & families, who are injured and who [so senselessly ] lost their lives at Ft. Hood.  My son served and was stationed at Hood, I have to be honest and say; I am proud of my son, for his service, his courage for serving his country….but I am so happy he’s out. 

For all our troops and to all their families I say;

 Thank you & Peace Soon.

……Until my next post…TGC, friends.

Joyful Blessings~♥~Kath