Wanna see what I got & a BIG THANK YOU!

Happy 'Monday before Christmas' everybody! I hope you all have everything just about ready and are able to RELAX for the next couple of days!

I wanted to THANK YOU, ALL- so very much, for your Happy Birthday wishes! You touched my heart! :) I also want to wish all of you, and your family members a very HAPPY Birthday-too! There sure are a lot of b-day's in December! :)

So, ya wanna see what I got for my b-day???

Now-I usually don't "show-off" my "gifts".... unless they are very special or handmade (heart gifts)...but this one was so unexpected!
...and I am soooooo tickled about it!!! I just had to share it! ;)

I finally got a sewing machine!! LOL...ya wanna know why I think I got it???

Well, I was over at mom and dad's (this was one night about a week ago...) and I was telling them how great (I think) I'm doin with my "sewing by hand"!! I was telling my dad that my stitches are so nice and straight and tight, and everything holds together so well, that I may venture onto something a bit more daring...like clothes....LOL! I said, "I know...I'll make Christmas outfits for us-if I have enough time, if not....I will be sure to at least get "your gift" made for you!! :)

So...I asked him what size he wears in a Sport Coat (suit jacket)! You should have seen the look on his face--- hehehe...too funny! He did tell me his size, chest and sleeve length... I told him, "now-it prolly won't have lapels...and....I can't do button holes--so, your new jacket will have to have hook & loop closures, oh, and a lining is out of the question.... !! But I'll add extra pockets to make up for what I can't do!" :)

[this is one of those "ya had to be there" stories!] If you could have seen his face....I know he was thinking....PLEASE-PLEASE, Dear Lord above.... don't let this be happening!!

So I went on, and....I was telling him that I had just enough fabric- I THINK- but if not....I know for sure that I have enough "warm & natural" and I can use that if need be! My dad doesn't know what warm and natural is....all he said was..."so it's a neutral fabric"? LOL....poor guy!

...Anyway...the very next day mom and dad went out shopping---I'm pretty sure that's when the decision was made to get me a NEW SEWING MACHINE!!! (and the decision was made to give me the sewing machine BEFORE Christmas, so that i had some time to use it on his gift!!!) :)

Now ---Well---I'm just afraid that he's gonna be sooooooooooo disappointed, come Christmas morn, when he doesn't get to open his new hand sewn, warm & natural, lapel-less, hook & loop closure sports coat........with MANY POCKETS! :(

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday-I have only a few little things to finish up...and that feels so wonderful!!! Last week at this time...I was having thoughts that things would not get done...BUT-they always do!

Enjoy your day-Thanks for visiting me!

Oh---and if ya didn't sign up for my giveaway...PLEASE DO! Ya still have lots of time to sign up...just leave me a comment, lettin me know "You're not too chicken to take a risk!" :)

Holiday Hugs & Christmas Blessings