Thank you dear Lord...

... for this beautiful day
for my family & friends
... for this chance to say;

You have given me more
than I could ever ask
there is nothing in my life
that I shall lack

You have blessed me with a family
never torn apart
bound by love and joined at the heart

for all the prayers
I have prayed to YOU
for all the things I implore YOU to do

for the requests, I thought,
had slipped right by
for the times I prayed with tear filled eyes

I thank you for listening
for knowing my needs
for granting me strength to overcome and succeed

no matter the hardship,
no matter the path
You have blessed me each day,
...and for this I give thanks.

Happy "Birth" day---

©K. Bosko

To My Blogging Friends;
Merry Christmas from my family to yours-
May your hearts be filled with peace, love and happiness & May HIS blessings be abundant, this Christmas season and beyond!!

Oh, I recieved my giveaway from Justina-from her Christmas tree contest!
It's wonderful Jusitna-Thanks so much...I will post pictures in my next post!