So...whatcha think????

It's Wednesday???...December 10th???
...is the time flyin' for all of you, as fassst as it is for me??

I just wanted to share an idea I came up with....I'd love to get your 'thoughts' and opinions on this!

As ya know, I have been making a lot of my gifts this year. Cutting back on purchases, we did buy some gift items...but decided to make a lot of things-
anyway...here's the thing;

I can't figure out a way to wrap most of the things I have made. I don't have enough boxes...and some things just aren't goin to be able to be boxed and wrapped. A few years ago, we made shelves for gifts...and rather than even attempt to wrap them, I just purchased a few throws and wrapped the shelves in the throw, and tied it with raffia..........then they had both, the shelf and a throw to use! Well, I used that idea once, and don't like to repeat myself!
So.............here's my next idea!

I thought I would make up "gift certificates"...
then set up my dining room as a make-shift Prim Shoppe! :)

Mom & dad will be the only ones here Christmas morning, so they will get their gift certificates, then be able to enter the dining room/shoppe and pick our whatever they wish! :) I will make 'tags' for all the items that they can choose...otherwise...LOL...I just know my dad will wanna take some of MY STUFF home with him! :)

The dining room doors will be closed, with a sign hangin on the door..."WELCOME TO THE OLDE WEEPING CEDAR~ PRIMITIVE HANDMADES" [that right there, will get their curiosity goin-they won't be able to stand it] hehe...I love it! :)
BTW--Mom's been BAN from visiting my blog from Thanksgiving until AFTER CHRISTMAS--I'm soooo mean!!

The other recipients of our homemade gifts will get their handmades during all the other family gatherings we have before Christmas...most of their gifts can be wrapped. Mom and dad's gifts are the one's giving me grief...as I can't figure out a way to wrap them and get them under the tree.
Do ya think this would be a fun idea? Or (if this were you), would you rather have your gifts "wrapped" and placed under the tree??
Not all mom and dad's gifts are homemade...they will have a few gifts under the tree as well....SANTA always wraps his gifts! ;)
I thought it would be sorta fun to let them "shop" and pick out whatever they wanted, and at the same time, relieve myself of the "wrapping dilemma"! ;)
Please let me know whatcha think!! I would so appreciate it!!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Now-I'm heading back out to the garage....my home away from home, for the past few weeks...and for the next 10 days or so!!! ;)
Holiday Hugs to all,