Short & Sweet with Lotsa "Happy's"....

Happy New Year's Eve to all my prim friends!!
I have had many happy blessings come into my life this past year-and my new blogging friends are among those many blessings :)

I just wanted to make a quick post, to wish you all a safe and happy last day of 2008! May 2009 bring you more happiness than you could ever want....and may this new year bring to you, good health, peace, prosperity!

Today is also my mom and brother's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, BOTH!!

This not my last post of 2008!!! :)

I will be posting the winners of my Happy Birthday Present giveaway a little bit later today! I have made my decision on what to make for ya and I have all but one piece made. I am working on the prim finish...
thanks for being so patient with me!!
Thanks for all your wonderful comments...I LOVE reading them and I was surprised and so happy to see how many comments I received!

As you know, mom and dad were here for Christmas....I was so busy making their pieces for their prim shoppe Christmas gifts, that I didn't get to spend much time with them. After Christmas, I took a break from my crafts, to at least spend a few days with them...that time flew by! They left yesterday to head to VA. They will spend a week with my brother, then head back to FL.

Anyway, this is why I am not quite finished with your presents! I had one made, but then decided to have more than one winner...so I still have some work to do-before your surprise can be shipped out!!
But not to worry, all this means is that the winners are getting something made especially for them!!!
In fact...one of the items is NEW-I haven't even made one for me yet!!! :)
So until later........................
Have a safe and HAPPY day, everyone...........I will be back later today with another post--to let ya know the names of the winners! :)

Happy New Year Hugs