My ~Surprise Giveaway~

Good day to you, my favorite bloggin' buds!

I just wanted to let ya know that I have decided to amend my "Give-away" !
I was so happy to see so many comments...so many "risk takers"....
[I didn't think there were so many of you risk takers out there to be honest!lol]
....that I have decided that there will be more than ONE winner!! YAY!!
How many winners??? I'm not tellin'! It's part of the surprise! :)
You still have time to leave a comment if you haven't entered the giveaway!
You can sign up until midnight Dec. 30th!
I plan to announce the WINNERS of my -Birthday Present FOR YOU Surprise give-away on New Years Eve--since this was a December Birthday giveaway, and December 31st is my mom's birthday and my brother's birthday...and the last day of December- that's the perfect day to draw the names--don't ya think?! ;)
We are very close the to drawing the winner so I need to know....
is there anyone who wants to "chicken out" ??
I know Surprises can be frightening for some.........its that fear of the UNKNOWN...
....coming to grips with the reality that ya have absolutely NO control over what you really signed up for....hehe! ;)
Good Luck to ya all!!
Have a Happy Monday, Everyone.... and thanks so much for your visit!