~Message of the Season~

It’s not about the shopping spree
Or the trimming of the tree
It’s about the joy and love you see
When you’re with your family
It’s not about the gifts you give
Or the gifts you will receive
It’s about the warmth and love you share
When you’re with your family
It’s not about the stockings…
Hanging them with glee
It’s about the kindness and love you have
When your with your family
It’s not about the bustling chaos
(which seems an eternity)
It’s about the patience and love you hold
When you’re with your family
It’s not about a stranger
Or the homeless we don’t meet
It’s about the compassion and love they need
For we are all family
It’s not just about the people
in our lives right here and now
It’s about the people every where
In need of hope and love abound
It’s about the way we choose to live
With warmth and love to give
To those who are less fortunate
We offer this, our gift;
May Christmas bring to ALL
The warmth and love that He intended
May we celebrate His birth
With opened hearts and arms extended
May we spread His warmth and love
And carry out this harmony
To live and love together
As His devoted family
It is not about the “things” in life
These come and go, for sure
It’s about His gift of grace and love
That will help us all endure
It’s about the Message of the Season
His gift, on angels wings, He sends
May His loving grace be with us all,
and may this “season” never end….


I hope you all have a Wonderful-Friday


a Blessed Weekend!

Holiday Hugs to ya!