Makin' Make-Do's...and a 'Shout-Out' to Char...

Happy Monday, Bloggin' Buds!

I'm still pluggin' away at getting my homemade Christmas gifts finished....at the rate I'm goin', I figure I will prolly be out in the garage, still working on things, Christmas Eve night!!
I got some signs made up over the weekend. They are all painted and stenciled, but I still need to distress them. I have three small wooden 'pieces' made & painted, those also need to be distressed! So, although I have lots of things made...I HAVE NOTHING FINISHED! :(
Hopefully today, that will happen!? Sorry, NO pictures, until these projects are complete!

I have also been working on these make-do's!
These are FINISHED--YAY! I am so pleased with how they turned out.
Ya have to understand...I DO NOT SEW! I have no sewing machine...and wouldn't now how to use one even if I did have it! (pretty sad, huh?!) So I hand stitched everything, the body is what I am most proud of! I thought for sure, after I sewed it, and then tried to turn it right-side-out...my stitcthes would come loose...but they held!
I got the FREEBIE PATTERN from Char over at the Pickled Pepper Patch.
She has the greatest freebies...and I think she is one special, talented & very generous gal!! Thanks so much Char.

My shorter make-do, has a green base sitting on a black star. I had a reason for using a green and black base :)
I made the sheep's blanket reversible! So sometimes it can be plain black, and sometimes it can be green w/tiny black stars! I thought it was clever to do it that way....once in a while I do have a "clever moment".

Here is the second make-do I made.

I also got my tree topper. I ordered it from Karen. I saw it when I visited her blog to check out her In Home Show photos....I love it! Thanks so much Karen! :) Here it is with the lights on, and I took one with the lights off too.
I don't think these pictures do it justice...it is just so prim & cute!

We finally heard from my BIL...baby Jack (our newest little nephew) was born Friday morning! Everyone is doin well!

Jack Liam with his big sis, Kira!

So now, with Jack arriving in December...that brings our family birthdays for this month to 9!! That's alotta b-days this month! Mine is coming up..........I'm thinkin' I might have to have a give-away in honor of my birthday, and all the other birthdays this month...as soon as I figure out what I'm doin...you'll be the FIRST to know! ;)

Oh...and one more thing...I finally WON something!!

Justina over at Peper Creek Gatherings had a Christmas tree contest

...Nicci picked tree #9! YAY....that's my tree :)

Thanks so much Nicci & Justina!

Enjoy your Monday Everyone!
holiday hugs,