It's "that" time again....

...Time for the ever dreaded Santa hat photos!!

Happy Thursday, Everyone! I hope everything is falling into place for ya...and the stress of the holiday preparations is decreasing a bit, each day!!
I am on the downhill slide now, only a few things left to finish up...YAY for me! :)

I wanted to share our "Fur-Kids Family Portrait", we do this every year [we're sorta pathetic-huh?, taking Christmas photos of our dogs... I guess we have too much time on our hands LOL...no little ones to take pictures of...so we resort to photographing our "fur-kids" in Santa hats!!]

So-- last night was Family Photo night!!!

.. Every year the poor things sit patiently with their Santa hats upon their heads...no doubt, dreading it!! They actually know what's coming, when they see us get the hats out! Well, Bella has no clue, really! This is her first experience with the hat! But Issak goes over a sits and waits for the hat to be put on his head!!

So, he is always the first one to get the hat on! He will sit there for hours with it on his head...I know he doesn't look very happy in his special holiday photo.....know why...because Bella is still a pup...and she is just learning to keep the hat on! So, it took us quite a while to get the picture taken...Ry lost her hat a few times too, but good ole Issak...remained steadfast and loyal and didn't move a bit....................that hat never came off his head! Steve had to take it off!

As I type this, I'm thinking to myself...geesh, why the heck didn't we just wait and put Issak's hat on last....LOL....I'm thinkin he might have been wondering the same thing!! :)




Here's Issak (last year), I had some boxes out in the garage, filled with packing peanuts...he got in the box and wouldn't get out! I put his hat on him...and he stayed that way for hours..........I'm starting to wonder if he doesn't have "hat fetish"? :) LOL!

Have a happy Thursday--and thanks for stoppin' by to see how Steve & I spent our evening........LOL....we really need to get a life! ;)

~A Merry Olde Christmas to you, All~