Here's what I have accomplished so far...

Howdy Everyone!
Boy- it seems like forever since I've been able to find time to get on here!
I have been trying to take little breaks, here and there and get to some of your blogs...I apologize, I just haven't had the time to visit everyone like I want to :(
I just cannot believe Christmas is a about a week away! I have a lot done...and so much to finish up, yet! A week seems like ample time, in my mind...until I remember we have 3 family gatherings coming up! So that takes 3 days off my 'project schedule'...
Geeeesh...when we were little kids, didn't it seem like it took FOREVER for Christmas to get here...the time just dragged...........on and on and on......I don't know what happens to the time now that I'm older....LOL...it's zooooming so fast, I can hardly keep up!
Anyway...on to todays post!
Here's some of the things I have made for my Christmas gifts:
grunge candle and arrangement
This little heart make-do the tag reads:
~A tattered heart can always be mended~

Here's another Heart make-do
this tag has ~ 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 ~on it

I got this bowl on sale...and made up some
homespun rag ball bowl fillers for in it
Here's a table top tray...I LOVE IT!
It's finished in Navy Blue, I'm going to make a black on for me
after the holidays, this one is huge!
Black paper towel holder
antique white paper towel holder
mason jar shelf
I haven't gotten my jars ready yet, so I placed some cans in it for now
My prim wooden utensil/plate rack
and...last but not least....the seven signs I have finished!
oh...and two more table top trays...that I still need to finish!
These are smaller than the one I have finished in the Navy color.

So that's what I have done so far! Two weeks out in the garage...and this is what I have to show for it, I honestly thought I would have more done by now!!!
I still need to finish my side table, my olde timer pipe box and a few other things! But I am seeing the
LIGHT at the end of the Christmas Project Tunnel! :)
Please Note**Steve made the pieces, so when I say "I" made these...I really mean...WE made them**!! ;)!
I hope everyone is having a joyous [stress-free] last week before Christmas!
We're down to the wire now....I admit...I'm stressin...BIG TIME!!
I'll be having my FIRST GIVEAWAY coming up too!!!
I know it's hard for everyone to find time to blog with Chirstmas right around the corner, so I'll post about my give-away...but let it run through the holidays! I won't draw a winner until after things settle down a bit...I'll keep ya posted!!!
Holiday Hugs,