Enjoyin' some "down-time" & Sharin' some "good stuff"

Hello Friends!
Well, another Christmas has come, and gone!
All we have now are all the Special-Happy memories :)

I see you all had a wonderful Christmas! I have been poppin in to visit some of my bloggin friends...and it looks like everyone had a wonderfully blessed Christmas! :) We did, as well! It went by so quickly tho! All that time spent getting ready, and it's gone before ya know it!

I am enjoying some "down-time"!! Seems these past few weeks were just so hectic! I didn't realize how exhausted I truly was...until yesterday! LOL!
Our Christmas, this year, was quiet and laid back--and PERFECT!
Last year-Brad was home, my brother was here, and I had a family gathering here at the house. This year, it was just my mom & dad, and Steve & I. In one respect that was so nice, we didn't cook a big meal, or have a lot of commotion...it was slow pace and relaxed--and PERFECT!

...but I missed the rest of the family very much! Maybe next year we can all be together. I was so happy to see how many of you were able to spend Christmas with your entire family...what a blessing...

Our quaint little "pretend-prim- shoppe" was a BIG hit with mom and dad!
They loved the idea!
Here's just a few pictures....

It was so much FUN-and they were so surprised! I think they loved everything! They must have, because every thing Steve and I made, they took home with them!!

LOL...we must have spent an hour in the dining room/shoppe!!

They ended up with so many prim things....and they couldn't wait to get them all home! (we actually had to load up the truck to get it all over there)! They picked out some for their home up here, and some for their place in Florida too!

This Olde Timer Pipe Box is my absolute favorite item we made--

This was so much FUN!

Steve and I enjoyed it as much as they did!

I was goin to use some of my items as my "giveaway" gifts...but my little Prim Shoppe was wiped clean...so after I re-coup...I plan to make some more prim goodies for my giveaway...I hope ya all are patient with me...it will be a bit longer before I have your things made....I promise it will be well worth the wait! ;)

If you haven't entered...please do...you still have time! ;)

Oh, I have some "proud" news to share! Amanda graduated from college last Friday!! She has earned her Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Sociology!! She accomplished this while working full-time, and raising her beautiful daughter, Savannah, She's got a lot on her plate and she managed to earn a degree on top of that! Nothing is impossible, if you believe YOU CAN...YOU WILL! ;)
WTG-AMANDA! Steve and I are so very PROUD of you!!! :)

More 'good stuff' to share......I received my PRIZE from Justina's Christmas Tree Contest! What a great prize it was!!! She sent me a Christmas tree make-do, a little skinny stocking (too cute), an angel and a little mitten key-fob! I love it all. She is just so talented and so creative!! and I have to say...she always makes ya feel so special!!

Thanks so much Justina! :)

If you haven't visited Justina...you can visit her at Peper Creek Gatherings--you'll be glad ya did!!

....Guess that's it for today's post! :)

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!!

Thanks for stoppin by!!