17,167 days "Surprise" GIVEAWAY!!

Hello Friends-Hope all is well in your neck of the woods! Only 5 days left to go till Christmas morn...Is everyone READY?!
Well, Today is my 47th Birthday!!! 47---WOW.....when I see it typed out in big numerals...it seems, well, OLD! LOL....
But, I don't feel 47!! I feel 87 at times, and most times I feel like I'm 27...but I don't feel like I'm 47! :)
Ya may wonder what my post title means.....well...calculating from December 20th 1961 to December 20th 2008, that makes me:
17,167 days old...'er I mean YOUNG!!!!
We have birthday's galore in December- We have 3 "Heart Y Celebrations", those are the very special birthdays we celebrate only in our hearts...Steve's Gram-12/19, Emma, (our little niece and Hannah's little sis) -12/21 and Hannah (our god-daughter & niece) 12/28
December can be a sad month, if we choose for it to be! We miss Hannah and Emma so much...we chose to remember the good/happy times...although they were far too short....
...we can't dwell on Hannah & Emma being gone.......that changes nothing.....I choose to believe they are still with us...God's little angels, watchin' over us.......
We now have a new nephew, Jack's birthday is 12/5
We have my Uncle's birthday; 12/8
My Sis-in-law on 12/23
My mom's B-day on 12/31
and my brother's on 12/31....that's right....mom gave birth to my brother on her birthday! :) and both were born on New Years Eve!!
So- with all these birthdays this month...I decided to make this
Now, this is gonna be done a bit differently, some of ya may be too "afraid" to sign up... this would include YOU, if you are afraid to take a "risk"-or-if you're too chicken to take a "chance"...or just don't like a good ole "surprise"!
For the rest of ya...I have decided, since this is a birthday give-away...YOU will get the birthday present...BUT...hehehe...You won't know what you're goin to get-hence the--S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E! :)
[I will tell ya that it's not a trick or a gag-gift ( I only do that to family members LOL)...It will be something nice! It may be something I have posted about, or it might just be "custom made" especially for YOU!!]
SO- onto the rules for this giveaway!!
First of all, with Christmas just around the corner, and with everyone being so busy...I will keep my "giveaway" opened until after everything settles down a bit! I need some down time too...and IF I decide to make something extra special for your b-day surprise.....well......that will give me some extra time! ;)
OK, so- now that ya DON'T KNOW what you're getting...LOL.... if you would be so kind to leave a comment lettin' me know that you are a 'risk taker'....and aren't too chicken to wanna take a 'chance' on this giveaway....you'll be entered! AND there's a BONUS---If you have a BIRTHDAY this month...let me know...and I will enter your name 2 more times (3x total)!!!!!!! If you have a Heart Celebration, or a family member with a b-day this month I will add your name 1 extra time (2x total).... So be sure to let me know if there are any December BIRTHDAY'S out there!!
*I'm sorry, but I can only ship your present to you if you live in the US or Canada. If you are leaving me a comment to enter for this giveaway, using "anonymous"or if you don't have a blog...PLEASE be sure to leave me your email addy!!*
I will let ya know when I plan to draw for this Surprise Giveaway....it won't be until after Christmas sometime tho!
GOOD LUCK Everyone....
Have a Beautiful Day & Happy Birthday to all you December babe's!
~Merry Christmas~