~We have our Winners~

Hi Everyone!
We have drawn the names of the winners!!!! :)


I had Steve draw the names for the Birthday present giveaway-while he was watching football...he didn't seem too enthused!! I see Rylee is supervising the drawing!! LOL!

After he drew the four winners...I brought them in here to the computer, I am drawing from those four, the order in which I pick them, will be the order in which YOU will win!!


So....................are ya ready????? I'm so excited...I don't know who the winners are yet either :)

So-Lets find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here goes...........................................

~Happy Birthday Surprise to~

First name I drew:


Second name:


Third name:


Fourth name:

Amy C.

Congrats to the WINNERS! I will get in touch with ya here, prolly the first of next week, and get your mailing addy so I can get your Birthday Presents sent out. I haven't got them all finished yet..........but I'm workin on it! ;)


Until next year............................

Short & Sweet with Lotsa "Happy's"....

Happy New Year's Eve to all my prim friends!!
I have had many happy blessings come into my life this past year-and my new blogging friends are among those many blessings :)

I just wanted to make a quick post, to wish you all a safe and happy last day of 2008! May 2009 bring you more happiness than you could ever want....and may this new year bring to you, good health, peace, prosperity!

Today is also my mom and brother's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, BOTH!!

This not my last post of 2008!!! :)

I will be posting the winners of my Happy Birthday Present giveaway a little bit later today! I have made my decision on what to make for ya and I have all but one piece made. I am working on the prim finish...
thanks for being so patient with me!!
Thanks for all your wonderful comments...I LOVE reading them and I was surprised and so happy to see how many comments I received!

As you know, mom and dad were here for Christmas....I was so busy making their pieces for their prim shoppe Christmas gifts, that I didn't get to spend much time with them. After Christmas, I took a break from my crafts, to at least spend a few days with them...that time flew by! They left yesterday to head to VA. They will spend a week with my brother, then head back to FL.

Anyway, this is why I am not quite finished with your presents! I had one made, but then decided to have more than one winner...so I still have some work to do-before your surprise can be shipped out!!
But not to worry, all this means is that the winners are getting something made especially for them!!!
In fact...one of the items is NEW-I haven't even made one for me yet!!! :)
So until later........................
Have a safe and HAPPY day, everyone...........I will be back later today with another post--to let ya know the names of the winners! :)

Happy New Year Hugs

My ~Surprise Giveaway~

Good day to you, my favorite bloggin' buds!

I just wanted to let ya know that I have decided to amend my "Give-away" !
I was so happy to see so many comments...so many "risk takers"....
[I didn't think there were so many of you risk takers out there to be honest!lol]
....that I have decided that there will be more than ONE winner!! YAY!!
How many winners??? I'm not tellin'! It's part of the surprise! :)
You still have time to leave a comment if you haven't entered the giveaway!
You can sign up until midnight Dec. 30th!
I plan to announce the WINNERS of my -Birthday Present FOR YOU Surprise give-away on New Years Eve--since this was a December Birthday giveaway, and December 31st is my mom's birthday and my brother's birthday...and the last day of December- that's the perfect day to draw the names--don't ya think?! ;)
We are very close the to drawing the winner so I need to know....
is there anyone who wants to "chicken out" ??
I know Surprises can be frightening for some.........its that fear of the UNKNOWN...
....coming to grips with the reality that ya have absolutely NO control over what you really signed up for....hehe! ;)
Good Luck to ya all!!
Have a Happy Monday, Everyone.... and thanks so much for your visit!

Enjoyin' some "down-time" & Sharin' some "good stuff"

Hello Friends!
Well, another Christmas has come, and gone!
All we have now are all the Special-Happy memories :)

I see you all had a wonderful Christmas! I have been poppin in to visit some of my bloggin friends...and it looks like everyone had a wonderfully blessed Christmas! :) We did, as well! It went by so quickly tho! All that time spent getting ready, and it's gone before ya know it!

I am enjoying some "down-time"!! Seems these past few weeks were just so hectic! I didn't realize how exhausted I truly was...until yesterday! LOL!
Our Christmas, this year, was quiet and laid back--and PERFECT!
Last year-Brad was home, my brother was here, and I had a family gathering here at the house. This year, it was just my mom & dad, and Steve & I. In one respect that was so nice, we didn't cook a big meal, or have a lot of commotion...it was slow pace and relaxed--and PERFECT!

...but I missed the rest of the family very much! Maybe next year we can all be together. I was so happy to see how many of you were able to spend Christmas with your entire family...what a blessing...

Our quaint little "pretend-prim- shoppe" was a BIG hit with mom and dad!
They loved the idea!
Here's just a few pictures....

It was so much FUN-and they were so surprised! I think they loved everything! They must have, because every thing Steve and I made, they took home with them!!

LOL...we must have spent an hour in the dining room/shoppe!!

They ended up with so many prim things....and they couldn't wait to get them all home! (we actually had to load up the truck to get it all over there)! They picked out some for their home up here, and some for their place in Florida too!

This Olde Timer Pipe Box is my absolute favorite item we made--

This was so much FUN!

Steve and I enjoyed it as much as they did!

I was goin to use some of my items as my "giveaway" gifts...but my little Prim Shoppe was wiped clean...so after I re-coup...I plan to make some more prim goodies for my giveaway...I hope ya all are patient with me...it will be a bit longer before I have your things made....I promise it will be well worth the wait! ;)

If you haven't entered...please do...you still have time! ;)

Oh, I have some "proud" news to share! Amanda graduated from college last Friday!! She has earned her Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Sociology!! She accomplished this while working full-time, and raising her beautiful daughter, Savannah, She's got a lot on her plate and she managed to earn a degree on top of that! Nothing is impossible, if you believe YOU CAN...YOU WILL! ;)
WTG-AMANDA! Steve and I are so very PROUD of you!!! :)

More 'good stuff' to share......I received my PRIZE from Justina's Christmas Tree Contest! What a great prize it was!!! She sent me a Christmas tree make-do, a little skinny stocking (too cute), an angel and a little mitten key-fob! I love it all. She is just so talented and so creative!! and I have to say...she always makes ya feel so special!!

Thanks so much Justina! :)

If you haven't visited Justina...you can visit her at Peper Creek Gatherings--you'll be glad ya did!!

....Guess that's it for today's post! :)

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!!

Thanks for stoppin by!!


Thank you dear Lord...

... for this beautiful day
for my family & friends
... for this chance to say;

You have given me more
than I could ever ask
there is nothing in my life
that I shall lack

You have blessed me with a family
never torn apart
bound by love and joined at the heart

for all the prayers
I have prayed to YOU
for all the things I implore YOU to do

for the requests, I thought,
had slipped right by
for the times I prayed with tear filled eyes

I thank you for listening
for knowing my needs
for granting me strength to overcome and succeed

no matter the hardship,
no matter the path
You have blessed me each day,
...and for this I give thanks.

Happy "Birth" day---

©K. Bosko

To My Blogging Friends;
Merry Christmas from my family to yours-
May your hearts be filled with peace, love and happiness & May HIS blessings be abundant, this Christmas season and beyond!!

Oh, I recieved my giveaway from Justina-from her Christmas tree contest!
It's wonderful Jusitna-Thanks so much...I will post pictures in my next post!

Wanna see what I got & a BIG THANK YOU!

Happy 'Monday before Christmas' everybody! I hope you all have everything just about ready and are able to RELAX for the next couple of days!

I wanted to THANK YOU, ALL- so very much, for your Happy Birthday wishes! You touched my heart! :) I also want to wish all of you, and your family members a very HAPPY Birthday-too! There sure are a lot of b-day's in December! :)

So, ya wanna see what I got for my b-day???

Now-I usually don't "show-off" my "gifts".... unless they are very special or handmade (heart gifts)...but this one was so unexpected!
...and I am soooooo tickled about it!!! I just had to share it! ;)

I finally got a sewing machine!! LOL...ya wanna know why I think I got it???

Well, I was over at mom and dad's (this was one night about a week ago...) and I was telling them how great (I think) I'm doin with my "sewing by hand"!! I was telling my dad that my stitches are so nice and straight and tight, and everything holds together so well, that I may venture onto something a bit more daring...like clothes....LOL! I said, "I know...I'll make Christmas outfits for us-if I have enough time, if not....I will be sure to at least get "your gift" made for you!! :)

So...I asked him what size he wears in a Sport Coat (suit jacket)! You should have seen the look on his face--- hehehe...too funny! He did tell me his size, chest and sleeve length... I told him, "now-it prolly won't have lapels...and....I can't do button holes--so, your new jacket will have to have hook & loop closures, oh, and a lining is out of the question.... !! But I'll add extra pockets to make up for what I can't do!" :)

[this is one of those "ya had to be there" stories!] If you could have seen his face....I know he was thinking....PLEASE-PLEASE, Dear Lord above.... don't let this be happening!!

So I went on, and....I was telling him that I had just enough fabric- I THINK- but if not....I know for sure that I have enough "warm & natural" and I can use that if need be! My dad doesn't know what warm and natural is....all he said was..."so it's a neutral fabric"? LOL....poor guy!

...Anyway...the very next day mom and dad went out shopping---I'm pretty sure that's when the decision was made to get me a NEW SEWING MACHINE!!! (and the decision was made to give me the sewing machine BEFORE Christmas, so that i had some time to use it on his gift!!!) :)

Now ---Well---I'm just afraid that he's gonna be sooooooooooo disappointed, come Christmas morn, when he doesn't get to open his new hand sewn, warm & natural, lapel-less, hook & loop closure sports coat........with MANY POCKETS! :(

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday-I have only a few little things to finish up...and that feels so wonderful!!! Last week at this time...I was having thoughts that things would not get done...BUT-they always do!

Enjoy your day-Thanks for visiting me!

Oh---and if ya didn't sign up for my giveaway...PLEASE DO! Ya still have lots of time to sign up...just leave me a comment, lettin me know "You're not too chicken to take a risk!" :)

Holiday Hugs & Christmas Blessings

17,167 days "Surprise" GIVEAWAY!!

Hello Friends-Hope all is well in your neck of the woods! Only 5 days left to go till Christmas morn...Is everyone READY?!
Well, Today is my 47th Birthday!!! 47---WOW.....when I see it typed out in big numerals...it seems, well, OLD! LOL....
But, I don't feel 47!! I feel 87 at times, and most times I feel like I'm 27...but I don't feel like I'm 47! :)
Ya may wonder what my post title means.....well...calculating from December 20th 1961 to December 20th 2008, that makes me:
17,167 days old...'er I mean YOUNG!!!!
We have birthday's galore in December- We have 3 "Heart Y Celebrations", those are the very special birthdays we celebrate only in our hearts...Steve's Gram-12/19, Emma, (our little niece and Hannah's little sis) -12/21 and Hannah (our god-daughter & niece) 12/28
December can be a sad month, if we choose for it to be! We miss Hannah and Emma so much...we chose to remember the good/happy times...although they were far too short....
...we can't dwell on Hannah & Emma being gone.......that changes nothing.....I choose to believe they are still with us...God's little angels, watchin' over us.......
We now have a new nephew, Jack's birthday is 12/5
We have my Uncle's birthday; 12/8
My Sis-in-law on 12/23
My mom's B-day on 12/31
and my brother's on 12/31....that's right....mom gave birth to my brother on her birthday! :) and both were born on New Years Eve!!
So- with all these birthdays this month...I decided to make this
Now, this is gonna be done a bit differently, some of ya may be too "afraid" to sign up... this would include YOU, if you are afraid to take a "risk"-or-if you're too chicken to take a "chance"...or just don't like a good ole "surprise"!
For the rest of ya...I have decided, since this is a birthday give-away...YOU will get the birthday present...BUT...hehehe...You won't know what you're goin to get-hence the--S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E! :)
[I will tell ya that it's not a trick or a gag-gift ( I only do that to family members LOL)...It will be something nice! It may be something I have posted about, or it might just be "custom made" especially for YOU!!]
SO- onto the rules for this giveaway!!
First of all, with Christmas just around the corner, and with everyone being so busy...I will keep my "giveaway" opened until after everything settles down a bit! I need some down time too...and IF I decide to make something extra special for your b-day surprise.....well......that will give me some extra time! ;)
OK, so- now that ya DON'T KNOW what you're getting...LOL.... if you would be so kind to leave a comment lettin' me know that you are a 'risk taker'....and aren't too chicken to wanna take a 'chance' on this giveaway....you'll be entered! AND there's a BONUS---If you have a BIRTHDAY this month...let me know...and I will enter your name 2 more times (3x total)!!!!!!! If you have a Heart Celebration, or a family member with a b-day this month I will add your name 1 extra time (2x total).... So be sure to let me know if there are any December BIRTHDAY'S out there!!
*I'm sorry, but I can only ship your present to you if you live in the US or Canada. If you are leaving me a comment to enter for this giveaway, using "anonymous"or if you don't have a blog...PLEASE be sure to leave me your email addy!!*
I will let ya know when I plan to draw for this Surprise Giveaway....it won't be until after Christmas sometime tho!
GOOD LUCK Everyone....
Have a Beautiful Day & Happy Birthday to all you December babe's!
~Merry Christmas~

It's "that" time again....

...Time for the ever dreaded Santa hat photos!!

Happy Thursday, Everyone! I hope everything is falling into place for ya...and the stress of the holiday preparations is decreasing a bit, each day!!
I am on the downhill slide now, only a few things left to finish up...YAY for me! :)

I wanted to share our "Fur-Kids Family Portrait", we do this every year [we're sorta pathetic-huh?, taking Christmas photos of our dogs... I guess we have too much time on our hands LOL...no little ones to take pictures of...so we resort to photographing our "fur-kids" in Santa hats!!]

So-- last night was Family Photo night!!!

.. Every year the poor things sit patiently with their Santa hats upon their heads...no doubt, dreading it!! They actually know what's coming, when they see us get the hats out! Well, Bella has no clue, really! This is her first experience with the hat! But Issak goes over a sits and waits for the hat to be put on his head!!

So, he is always the first one to get the hat on! He will sit there for hours with it on his head...I know he doesn't look very happy in his special holiday photo.....know why...because Bella is still a pup...and she is just learning to keep the hat on! So, it took us quite a while to get the picture taken...Ry lost her hat a few times too, but good ole Issak...remained steadfast and loyal and didn't move a bit....................that hat never came off his head! Steve had to take it off!

As I type this, I'm thinking to myself...geesh, why the heck didn't we just wait and put Issak's hat on last....LOL....I'm thinkin he might have been wondering the same thing!! :)




Here's Issak (last year), I had some boxes out in the garage, filled with packing peanuts...he got in the box and wouldn't get out! I put his hat on him...and he stayed that way for hours..........I'm starting to wonder if he doesn't have "hat fetish"? :) LOL!

Have a happy Thursday--and thanks for stoppin' by to see how Steve & I spent our evening........LOL....we really need to get a life! ;)

~A Merry Olde Christmas to you, All~


Here's what I have accomplished so far...

Howdy Everyone!
Boy- it seems like forever since I've been able to find time to get on here!
I have been trying to take little breaks, here and there and get to some of your blogs...I apologize, I just haven't had the time to visit everyone like I want to :(
I just cannot believe Christmas is a about a week away! I have a lot done...and so much to finish up, yet! A week seems like ample time, in my mind...until I remember we have 3 family gatherings coming up! So that takes 3 days off my 'project schedule'...
Geeeesh...when we were little kids, didn't it seem like it took FOREVER for Christmas to get here...the time just dragged...........on and on and on......I don't know what happens to the time now that I'm older....LOL...it's zooooming so fast, I can hardly keep up!
Anyway...on to todays post!
Here's some of the things I have made for my Christmas gifts:
grunge candle and arrangement
This little heart make-do the tag reads:
~A tattered heart can always be mended~

Here's another Heart make-do
this tag has ~ 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 ~on it

I got this bowl on sale...and made up some
homespun rag ball bowl fillers for in it
Here's a table top tray...I LOVE IT!
It's finished in Navy Blue, I'm going to make a black on for me
after the holidays, this one is huge!
Black paper towel holder
antique white paper towel holder
mason jar shelf
I haven't gotten my jars ready yet, so I placed some cans in it for now
My prim wooden utensil/plate rack
and...last but not least....the seven signs I have finished!
oh...and two more table top trays...that I still need to finish!
These are smaller than the one I have finished in the Navy color.

So that's what I have done so far! Two weeks out in the garage...and this is what I have to show for it, I honestly thought I would have more done by now!!!
I still need to finish my side table, my olde timer pipe box and a few other things! But I am seeing the
LIGHT at the end of the Christmas Project Tunnel! :)
Please Note**Steve made the pieces, so when I say "I" made these...I really mean...WE made them**!! ;)!
I hope everyone is having a joyous [stress-free] last week before Christmas!
We're down to the wire now....I admit...I'm stressin...BIG TIME!!
I'll be having my FIRST GIVEAWAY coming up too!!!
I know it's hard for everyone to find time to blog with Chirstmas right around the corner, so I'll post about my give-away...but let it run through the holidays! I won't draw a winner until after things settle down a bit...I'll keep ya posted!!!
Holiday Hugs,


First of all.... THANK YOU, everyone, for all your prayers, good thoughts and kind, caring words!!! Thank YOU Thank YOU!!

Brad called us this afternoon, to let us know that the ultra sound came back with all markers in the normal range... ALL markers in the normal range, that along with Amanda's age puts the risk of DS at almost NIL!!! :)
The first test, (screening) was indeed, a FALSE POSITIVE!
Or at least at this point, that is what it is looking like!
Brad and Amanda have made the choice to have NO more tests done...
The amnio has a risk of miscarriage...they opt not to take that risk.
S0-no matter that happens from here on out...
Brad said today, the baby will be brought into the world and be a part of our family no matter what....a blessing...not matter what!
GOD willing, the babe will be healthy.
...I am so proud of Brad and Amanda...what wonderful-LOVING parents they will be!!! I know, now, after hearing Brad speak about his baby today, that Steve was 110% correct!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing changed.... Brad will be an awesome dad...and THAT'S all that really MATTERS ! ;)

We did find out the baby's sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Like I said in my post below, I have been sooooooo excited about today, finding out if it's Gavin James or Ava Kathryn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well...I am tickled PINK, hehe.... to announce, Brad and Amanda will be having a little GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, Savannah...Amanda's daughter, will have a new baby sister come next May!! :)

Always Believe!!
Hugs to you all,

Sometimes, Life throws ya curve ball....

Well, today was supposed to be my “HAPPY” post….I actually couldn’t wait to get up this Friday morning to type my post-it seems like forever that I have been anticipating this!!!! Today was the day Brad and Amanda were getting their ultrasound, to see if they were having a little boy or a little girl!!! We have been counting down the days. It’s marked on every calendar in the house!! Brad wants a boy!! And believe me when I say…..he has made sure we all know it!! LOL! I tend to say “if it’s a girl”….and Brad corrects me and tells me “MOM…GAVIN JAMES is a BOY!

Brad would call every day and tell us about his plans once Gavin arrives. Jeepers, Brad already had the kid playing football, and helping do projects around the house……….LOL…and the little guy isn’t even here yet! To hear Brad talk about the future, with such happiness………to look forward to what lies ahead, well, if ya all knew what he’s been through….you’d know how happy this makes my heart!

But as we all know….“life happens”….while we are busy making OUR OWN PLANS…it doesn’t really dawn on us that those plans may not be what God has in store for us….never thinking that a swift flying curve ball will enter into our game of life!

I guess the key is; ya just gotta stand back, take a deep breath, and let the curve ball fly by! We can’t stand there and keep on swinging at it, hoping to change the direction or speed of the ball…..for that will just tire ya out……….and make ya weak!

We were thrown [another ] curve ball in our life…………Steve and I both know, without a doubt…that we will just have to let go………..and Let God! My biggest thing, is helping Brad to do the same. Seems that when you're young, ya don’t have the same coping mechanism, it's a lot harder to just let go..............and TRUST...........that comes with our life’s journey, I think.

Brad called, Wednesday afternoon, he asked me to please sit down ( I HATE when someone says that to me-especially Brad!) I knew it was goin to be sad news. Then he broke down….trying to muster the words, that his baby has a high risk of being born with Down’s Syndrome.

I heard what he said, but it didn’t sink in…..all I felt was his pain and hurt….my heart actually ached, listening to my grown son cry……………..and asking me "why?”... “what am I supposed to do?“……."how can this be?" "why is life so stinkin hard"??????
Ya know....it doesn't matter how old we get or how old they become, these questions are asked by our children from the time they can speak...the only difference is, when they are little, you can get away with the good ole "Just Because" answer...now, it seems there is NO answer!

As a mom ya want more than anything, to be able to take your child’s pain away. To be able to answer their “why’s” and “how come’s”……………to hug them, and to tell them EVERYTHING will be just fine………
I couldn’t do that. I cried with him, I told him , “all we can do is pray, and we both know whatever is meant to be…is GOD’s Will”……miracles happen, Brad knows it…I know it…and there is always, ALWAYS the possibility of a MIRACLE! A miracle is a blessing, bestowed by GOD….so, to me, no matter what the outcome, we will get our miracle….he or she may not be “perfect” in the eyes of others’…but if GOD sends this baby to our family….it WILL BE PERFECT TO US!!

So, today, Brad and Amanda still go for their ultrasound, but they also have to meet with Doctors to find out what needs to happen next. The screening that showed positive for high risk of DS is not 100% accurate! Amanda will have to go through diagnostic testing…these tests are risky, risk of miscarriage….but the results are 100% accurate.

I ask, that if maybe ya can find a spare minute in your day….you could send up a little prayer…to keep us ALL strong, and to help Brad and Amanda with the choices that lie ahead….I know that GOD will take care of the rest…
The odds are low for a young couple, in their 20's to give birth to a Down's baby......the risk increases with age.....there is now cure, there is no prevention...it just happens.

I have to share what Steve said to me…Wednesday when he got home from work and I told him about the baby….and what the kids were goin through.
I was crying, and saying how hurt my heart is, because I knew that Brad & Amanda were so excited --just the day before Brad had called….saying that “Gavin” will prolly be a football player…and we were laughin about it, cuz the little fella (or girl) isn‘t even outta the womb yet!!!….. and now, today…..well.........how fast things can change…”
All Steve said was this: “There’s one thing that hasn’t changed, Kath…Brad will still be an awesome dad!”

WOW-that's why he's my best friend in the whole wide world!!

Juanita, you're a very special person!! I have this saying on my blog header photo..."God saw a tear and kissed it away with the smile of a friend"...Juanita emulates the meanning of this special quote!
I thank you all for your prayers..........

Have a beautiful Friday, everyone....and please...don't keep swinging...stand aside and let the curve ball pass.........GOD will see to it that ya make it around the bases!!!!! ;)


So...whatcha think????

It's Wednesday???...December 10th???
...is the time flyin' for all of you, as fassst as it is for me??

I just wanted to share an idea I came up with....I'd love to get your 'thoughts' and opinions on this!

As ya know, I have been making a lot of my gifts this year. Cutting back on purchases, we did buy some gift items...but decided to make a lot of things-
anyway...here's the thing;

I can't figure out a way to wrap most of the things I have made. I don't have enough boxes...and some things just aren't goin to be able to be boxed and wrapped. A few years ago, we made shelves for gifts...and rather than even attempt to wrap them, I just purchased a few throws and wrapped the shelves in the throw, and tied it with raffia..........then they had both, the shelf and a throw to use! Well, I used that idea once, and don't like to repeat myself!
So.............here's my next idea!

I thought I would make up "gift certificates"...
then set up my dining room as a make-shift Prim Shoppe! :)

Mom & dad will be the only ones here Christmas morning, so they will get their gift certificates, then be able to enter the dining room/shoppe and pick our whatever they wish! :) I will make 'tags' for all the items that they can choose...otherwise...LOL...I just know my dad will wanna take some of MY STUFF home with him! :)

The dining room doors will be closed, with a sign hangin on the door..."WELCOME TO THE OLDE WEEPING CEDAR~ PRIMITIVE HANDMADES" [that right there, will get their curiosity goin-they won't be able to stand it] hehe...I love it! :)
BTW--Mom's been BAN from visiting my blog from Thanksgiving until AFTER CHRISTMAS--I'm soooo mean!!

The other recipients of our homemade gifts will get their handmades during all the other family gatherings we have before Christmas...most of their gifts can be wrapped. Mom and dad's gifts are the one's giving me grief...as I can't figure out a way to wrap them and get them under the tree.
Do ya think this would be a fun idea? Or (if this were you), would you rather have your gifts "wrapped" and placed under the tree??
Not all mom and dad's gifts are homemade...they will have a few gifts under the tree as well....SANTA always wraps his gifts! ;)
I thought it would be sorta fun to let them "shop" and pick out whatever they wanted, and at the same time, relieve myself of the "wrapping dilemma"! ;)
Please let me know whatcha think!! I would so appreciate it!!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Now-I'm heading back out to the garage....my home away from home, for the past few weeks...and for the next 10 days or so!!! ;)
Holiday Hugs to all,

Makin' Make-Do's...and a 'Shout-Out' to Char...

Happy Monday, Bloggin' Buds!

I'm still pluggin' away at getting my homemade Christmas gifts finished....at the rate I'm goin', I figure I will prolly be out in the garage, still working on things, Christmas Eve night!!
I got some signs made up over the weekend. They are all painted and stenciled, but I still need to distress them. I have three small wooden 'pieces' made & painted, those also need to be distressed! So, although I have lots of things made...I HAVE NOTHING FINISHED! :(
Hopefully today, that will happen!? Sorry, NO pictures, until these projects are complete!

I have also been working on these make-do's!
These are FINISHED--YAY! I am so pleased with how they turned out.
Ya have to understand...I DO NOT SEW! I have no sewing machine...and wouldn't now how to use one even if I did have it! (pretty sad, huh?!) So I hand stitched everything, the body is what I am most proud of! I thought for sure, after I sewed it, and then tried to turn it right-side-out...my stitcthes would come loose...but they held!
I got the FREEBIE PATTERN from Char over at the Pickled Pepper Patch.
She has the greatest freebies...and I think she is one special, talented & very generous gal!! Thanks so much Char.

My shorter make-do, has a green base sitting on a black star. I had a reason for using a green and black base :)
I made the sheep's blanket reversible! So sometimes it can be plain black, and sometimes it can be green w/tiny black stars! I thought it was clever to do it that way....once in a while I do have a "clever moment".

Here is the second make-do I made.

I also got my tree topper. I ordered it from Karen. I saw it when I visited her blog to check out her In Home Show photos....I love it! Thanks so much Karen! :) Here it is with the lights on, and I took one with the lights off too.
I don't think these pictures do it justice...it is just so prim & cute!

We finally heard from my BIL...baby Jack (our newest little nephew) was born Friday morning! Everyone is doin well!

Jack Liam with his big sis, Kira!

So now, with Jack arriving in December...that brings our family birthdays for this month to 9!! That's alotta b-days this month! Mine is coming up..........I'm thinkin' I might have to have a give-away in honor of my birthday, and all the other birthdays this month...as soon as I figure out what I'm doin...you'll be the FIRST to know! ;)

Oh...and one more thing...I finally WON something!!

Justina over at Peper Creek Gatherings had a Christmas tree contest

...Nicci picked tree #9! YAY....that's my tree :)

Thanks so much Nicci & Justina!

Enjoy your Monday Everyone!
holiday hugs,