The very last bit of fall...

Happy Thursday!

We have been having such nice weather here in PA! It's almost unheard of 'round here! I'm lovin it tho! I still have a few mums in bloom, the others are kinda getting ratty looking now...these are on the south side of the garage, next to the foundation-I even had a bizarre late blooming Glad show up? Very odd to have that blooming-how could it be?! :)
One of God's little gifts I guess...............just for me!
I also found some little Johnny Jump-ups blooming....that's not so unusual...those are tough lil' fellas!

I decided to go and cut my mums and bring them inside to enjoy! They aren't as brilliant as they were earlier...but still, they are pretty! I started these from cuttings and boy did they do great! I didn't think they would "take" so I planted a lot of cuttings.........I think they all took!!!
Everything is multi-shades of BROWN now...soon to be gray and white....sooner than I'd like! It's sorta hard to get into the "holiday mode" when it's sunny and warm outside! I don't mind...I like to hold off and do my Christmas decorating on Thanksgiving night. Or at least start it!
I am off to visit my friend Sue today...She stopped over to visit me last week...today is my turn to visit her, and see what she's been doin...she's got new flooring down and new paint on the walls.......I can't wait see it!
A warm, sunny November day, some fresh cut flowers, and some time spent with a dear friend....................whatta way to spend a Thursday!!!
Hope you all have a Wonderful day!