TOO MUCH stinkin' SNOW, and 48 years...

my car was cleaned off this moring, about 2 hours ago-don't know if ya can tell how hard it's snowing in the backgorund?
Happy Thursday-Everybody!
I can't believe it's Thursday, already!

Ya would think my week would be draggin' along...since I have been stuck inside since SUNDAY! :)
I am so SICK of this weather...SNOW-SNOW-SNOW....

I was goin to try and venture out today, but Steve just called and said not to. The roads are a mess, he just passed an accident...and can only go 30 mph-sometimes, not even that!
I DO NOT drive in wintry weather! So, this is why I have cabin fever, and haven't left my house.
Usually this cabin fever doesn't occur until mid Jan.
I have a feeling this is gonna be a looooooong winter!
Oh - JOY...
this just keeps gettin' better & better :(
....just now, while I was typing my post...
this arrived in my mail...from The Weather Channel (alerts)!!

**FRIDAY: Snow Squalls High: 24°F Low: 18°F
Chance of Precipitation 100%
Accumulation of 10 to 15 inches
Wind NW 12 mph Humidity 64% **
Ya gotta be kiddin me...........10 to 15 MORE inches....
I am lonely, bored and sick of the SNOW!!

So......trying not to dwell on that......

I wanted to share a Happy occasion!
My Parents 48th Wedding Anniversary!!

~God's Plan~

forty eight years ago, God began His awesome plan
to unite a beautiful woman with a quiet, gentle man

He sent an angel to watch over them, so they would never be alone
to keep them safe and happy, to help them make a home
God chose this pair so carefully, His plan, not yet complete
The angel never questioned this...she just helped the two to meet
His plan was only starting, the angel knew this well...
their future would hold obstacles, but she would help their love excel
God's plan was not specific, the angel didn't know
the joys or heartaches they would find, or the love they would bestow
she held their hands in sorrow, she glowed in their delight
she exalted when they were blessed with children...
for now, two more would need her guiding light....
forty eight years have since passed
with the Grace of God, these two will last....
they were blessed and guided and given true love
to share with their family...God's Plan, along.


~Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad~

Thanks for visiting me today, please think of me while ya all are crafting, and decorating, as I will be out freezin' my butt off...shoveling snow!

....Hope You all have a Happy Thursday!

Oh, and Rondell, if you happen to visit me today...could you please email me... I have tried to leave this on your blog but it isn't showing up?? Thanks :)

holiday hugs to all ;)