OK-I know it's my civic duty....BUT....

...It's one of 'those' things I wish I didn't have to do!!!

Dreaded Jury Duty!

...so I will sitting an a jury box, on ELECTION DAY...
oblivious to what is happening-- having to concentrate on this case and nothing else! Trying not to wonder how, when, what time, I will get outta there to cast my vote....

....I honestly can’t believe they have a trial scheduled on ELECTION day!!

I am so dreading it, even if it wasn't on Election day, I would dread it!

This is my first time being selected tho...I guess I should be happy that I haven't had to do it before. I hear some people actually like it??!! One lady who was in my jury selection panel, wanted so badly to be picked, she didn't get selected, and she was upset about it. I couldn't believe she was UPSET about NOT being picked!!

I told her if I could give up my spot I would!! :) I really meant it too! :)

I'm thinkin part of my problem is I am behind with all my stuff I need to get done...and I'm losing an entire day! :( An entire day that I could be workin on my stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also found myself a bit perturbed...during jury selection, you can't believe how many people tried (and succeeded) to get out of jury duty! The excuses were unbelievable!!!!

I just hope it goes quickly and we all come to an agreement in a fairly timely manner...so I can get the heck outta there and move on to my other civic duty..."GOING TO CAST MY VOTE"!!!

Have any of you ever been selected for Jury duty?

Were you ever sequestered? Did you dread it? Or is it 'just me'??

Oh-I got my sheep stitchery FRAMED!! I have been anxious to get it framed...Steve made me this frame...I distressed it a bit...I think it looks pretty good! Looks like they belong together! :)

Hope everyone has a Happy Tuesday!

GO VOTE--and if the lines are long where ever ya go to VOTE.... and it doesn't seem worth it....just remember IT IS WORTH IT!! ...just keep in mind, all those who fought for our rights, all of our rights....including the right to stand in that line to VOTE!! After all, standing in a line is nothin' compared the sacrifices that were made to get us into that line!!! ;) Right?