My Wall Box

~Hello, Everybody~

I have been working on some of my arrangements for the holidays....
I haven't even begun to decorate for Christmas, I usually wait until Thanksgiving night to start.
With all this snow on the ground, it sorta makes me want to get things out and get started early this year, well...the snow... and the fact that all of you keep posting about getting your Christmas decor out and set up! :) Jeepers, I feel like a slacker!


I got my wall box finished yesterday...I got it all sanded and stained! It was good and dry this afternoon, so I put some of my candy canes in it, along with some greens and cones and nuts...(which I found out in the yard this fall!) I think it turned out pretty good. If ya like a lot bold, festive, holiday colors, ya won't like it....but I wanted it look old and prim! So I opted for a little less color!
I added the little rusty "WELCOME" heart, because I have it sitting on my cupboard at the back entry door.
....OK, that was today's project. Now I have to go finish up my cleaning chores & laundry!
Hope y'all are having a wonderful & productive Tuesday!
--Lately, as I've been out doing my blogland visits, it seems as though so many are sick... for all of you who are feeling under the weather, Jenn especially, she's really feeling badly, I hope you all get back to 100% very soon!! (and I hope I don't get it next)! :)