My SPECIAL Secret Santa & the goodies she sent me...

Happy Thanksgiving-Tuesday, Everybody!

I want to start out my post by tellin' ya a little bit about my special goodies, if ya don't mind!
This post is a little lengthy, but WELL worth it!
First of all, Justina is so thoughtful
and her items she sent..."said just that" about her!
When I got my box and was so tickled...I came right in and opened it!
The very first thing I saw was a
'hand-did' :) hand written card,
so I started with that...............here's what Justina wrote:

Kath, I hope you enjoy all your goodies!
Everything was 'hand-did' by me.
There are a few things I put in for a reason...
I enclosed little notes to them
so you'd be surprised!
I enjoy reading your blog,
I love the "blog world"...
it has brought me many "new" great friends...
Happy Holidays,
with Y ~Justina

The very first little goodie I saw inside my box, was an ornie Justina made...
I turned it over, and on that back it read;
Awaiting Baby's Arrival~2008
This was my very first "gramma" gift and I was so touched that she made it for me, I actually teared up!! :)
Next, was three of the cutest little ornies I ever saw...these were personalized for each one of our "fur-babies"!!
(ok, to include my canine kids, who I love like they're real kids, just touched me....you guessed it...I cried!!)

She also sent me a darling little candle ornie.

So, my next goodies were some room fragrance...now this just happened to be a favorite scent of mine...being a

Cafe Caramel Cappuccino--YUM!
Wish you all could smell this bottled goodness!! :)
...and my little snow man ornie...he's just so flippin cute!

She also had tucked in my package, a nice big bag of 'hand-did'
Scented Crab Apple bowl fillers...LOVE it!!!

Wait....there's more....
she also sent me some 'hand-did' doodle cards!

These say "Friendsheep" on them and have little matching envelopes with them! These are adorable! I LOVE SHEEP!

Next.....[I know, that's whole lotta stuff in my package, huh?!]

Justina sent me a "make-do"...this is a Christmas Tree make-do!

She added a little note with this;
These tree make-do's are hot off the press!
( I mean counter-just finished 'em)

Thought that was so cute,
I gotta chuckle outta that when I read it! [Which I needed....cuz the next gift Justina sent...well, I bawled my eyes out!!]
Isn't the tree make-do darling? See the little bell at the top? L*O*V*E it, Justina!


I saved the BEST for last....I know I shouldn't have a "favorite"! All Justina's goodies are just so awesome...but I have to be honest...this last goodie is my absolute FAVORITE!!

Justina didn't send me just one of
her wonderful make-do's...NOPE....

...she packed up two and sent them to me :)
Tucked inside the tissue paper was this little note:
This make-do pin keep is
made from some of my grandmother's gloves-
I thought it fit you,
since you're almost a grandma! :)

I don't think you can see it in the pic, but she has a stitching needle in the 'pin-keep' with a little tag hanging from it that says "grandma"
I of course was crying again.....after reading her note, and when I unwrapped her THOUGHTFUL gift...I bawled!

It touched my heart!

To know that Justina shared something so meaningful to her, with me....was truly a "HEART GIFT"!
I hope you don't mind Justina, but I just wanted to include this little snippet of the email ya sent me....

....My Gram, passed away a little over 2 years ago. She was my life and my idol. I learned everything from her.. Except gardening and plants- I have a black thumb.. not green! But she taught me how to cook, sew.. save everything and reuse it.. in a different way. When she passed away we got to clean out her attic.. and OH the treasures we found.. including the gloves. I couldn't resist sending it to you......

I will cherish that forever! My words can't even begin to describe how I feel Justina...the special gifts you sent, the thoughtfulness you put into this and the way you made me feel.....well, girl...that's what this was all about!

Thank you for my box of "Heart gifts", Justina!

Ya DoNe GoOd, GiRl! :)

Please visit Justina over at Peper Creek Gatherings....

I hope you all have a Wonderful Tuesday-a non-stressful Thanksgiving week.....and I hope you all have been touched
with at least one "heartYgift" in your lifetime! :)

Holiday Hugs,