LOL...I married a real DILLY...and MY FIRST Give-Away....but don't get too excited....

Ok, so here's my second post for today! Ya can't really blame me, I have nothing else to do...I have already cleaned, cleaned and CLEANED...shoveled and SHOVELED..........so I thought I'd type up a quick post....

I had to LOL @ Steve. He's such a thoughtful, loving hubby! He called on his way home to let me know the weather is too bad to work in...he said he'd be home shortly, and asked if there was anything we needed while he was out! Thoughtful, Thoughtful!!

I told him, no....nothing off hand...might want to grab some milk, because they are calling for it to get much worse out, tonight into tomorrow.

Anywho............this is what he came home with. This ladies, is what my dilly of a hubby determined to be "hunker-down", "snowed in"....necessary provisions to sustain us through this wintry ICK!

In our little survival stash we have the following items:

Little Debbie Nutty Bars, Little Debbie Swiss Rolls, Chips & Dip, Chex Mix, Double Stuff Oreo's and White Fudge Oreo's....some burger???...there is also a box of brownie mix and even some frosting which isn't in this picture, it's in the other bag, which I am almost afraid it look in...and oh yes... the Milk!!

LOL......."what's up with the burger ?" Must be he thought I didn't get anything out for dinner?


I posted this on my comments today, but didn't think that was fair, since some of ya already posted a comment, and wouldn't know about my give away!


I was thinking...while out shoveling this mess...since so many of ya want SNOW...I decided:

**This could be my FIRST BLOG GIVE-AWAY**!!!


Please note the "shoveled" drive!!

YOU CAN HAVE ALL THE "WHITE FLUFFY" ya want--all's ya have to do is come to my house and take it!! Heck...I'll even help ya load it up!! I have enough shovels to go around too...so EVERYONE can participate and WIN! :)Anyone willing to "sign-up" for this WONDERFUL WINTRY Give-Away??? ;)

Deadline for signing up will be sometime in late March..........UGH!

To Everyone who left such nice comments for my parents

~Thanks so Much!