A little bit of Christmas, some crafts, and some catching up!

WOW-it's been six days since I've posted! The time is just flyin' by! My parents are on their way back to PA. today! Seems like I was just posting about them leaving... to head back down to sunny warm FL.
They have been at my brother's place for the past week, spent Thanksgiving with him, and they are coming here for Christmas.
I think they're crazy...I've tried to tell them about all this snow...but they still wanna come! :)
I got my Christmas tree up! I only decorated the family room this year. It's only gonna be me and Steve and mom and dad...so I didn't bother putting up the other big tree, or decorating the other rooms this year!
Last year I went all out...(it was the first Christmas Brad was home in about 5 years, I just wanted it to be extra special!)
But after the first of the year rolled around...it was the pits, having to undo everything in every room of the house!! So this year ... it's the family room ONLY...and the back entry :)

There are more pictures of the family room Christmas decor on my side bar...just click on the Santa :)

I also finished my rag-knot garland...which turned into my rag-knot wreath! LOL... I had a 25 ft string of lights, (that I got on clearance last year) so I tied homespun rag knots on to it. Geeesh, it took me forever to finish it! 25 feet seems like a lot when ya have tie knots the entire length...but when ya go to use it on the tree, it isn't long at all! So I made it into a wreath! I had a grapevine wreath here, and just wrapped it around and stuck some big rusty bells on it...I like it! :)

Here it is lit up!

I have been trying to get some handmade gifts finished too...I got some more sconces done. I had made one for part of my secret Santa swap gift, and I really liked it, so I made some more! These sconces go with the extreme grunge candles I made earlier. I made the tiny wreaths and added those to the sconce too.

I have another stitchery started. Sorry, I don't have a picture of it...
I got some more tags done too! I made some stitched tags

and some QUICK printed tags. I just printed them, and added some warm and natural to the back, then some stained muslin....and I sewed a button on the front and added a piece of homespun...and as easy as that...I had a tag! I like them for packages, they make nice little keepsake gift tags. The fabric on the back, makes them a little heavier.

I made some more shelf sitters, and I even made a set for me to put under the tree, the pillow in this picture was made for me by a lady over on the CS forum...she did a wonderful job-thanks Jax! I'm lovin' it! :) If ya look closely, in Santa's sack...you'll see Justina's tree make-do! I think it looks so cute tucked in there, along with some fabric covered candy canes........

So, that's what's been goin on the past 6 days, here in PA :)I have been awaiting a phone call from my sister-in-law...too!She was "due" Saturday...I'm waiting for my new little nephew to arrive!!Once Jack gets here, that will make me an Aunt to 5 nephews and 5 nieces!!! :) Actually I have 7 nieces, sadly, Hannah and Emma are up in heaven-now......but I always include them...still.........

Hope Everyone has a Happy Monday!

Now I have some catching up to do....seems I haven't had time to visit my blogland friends much lately! :) I feel like I'm outta the loop!

Holiday Hugs