It's beginning to "smell" a lot like Christmas....

Happy Monday, ALL!!
It's cold and snowy here this morning. I guess last week was our Indian Summer! We've gone from sunny & 70....to snow & 30's...'tis the season tho!
But the colder more seasonable weather....puts me a bit more into that "Holiday Cheer" mode!!
It is beginning to SMELL a lot like Christmas in my home!
(...and it's beginning to become a bit cluttered w/ crafts things...which makes me crazy sometimes!) I have to have everything in it's place, and it drives my nutso if I have stuff layin all over...oh well...at least it smells GOOD in here :)
I wanted to share my latest project with ya...my bowl fillers. I was up until 1 a.m. Saturday night , guess I should say Sunday morning...making these!
I really liked how they turned out! I used Sandy's wonderful recipe , you should give these a try! I love mine!! Thanks Sandy for sharing your recipe-I plan to make more!! I added some cinnamon essence to the wax.......oh does the house ever smell yummy!

I made some mini cinni's and stars and some lil' gingies!

I found some really cute tiny cutters this weekend while I was 'out-n-about'...so I think I will make some Christmas bowl fillers too...I think there are trees (2 different shapes), a bell, an angel, and a candy cane in the package.

It would be cute to make a batch of all Christmas bowl fillers, I think!

I just love my gingie men and my stars...

I have stars every where so they'll fit right in!

This cute little sheep light, Steve got for me when we were out shoppin this weekend-I love it! I changed the candle tho, a plain silicone one just didn't look right...so I added the grunged bulb...courtesy of Char's great tutorials! I think I will 'tique the candle sleeve a bit too.

I have been tryin to think of other cute ways to display bowl fillers, I think they are cute little gift ideas. I love these old mason jars too, thought some gingiemen would look
cute in one, this would look great on a kitchen shelf!

I also added some cinna-stix to my bowl fillers, I especially love them mixed in with my mini-cinni's! I got them at The $ Store...
they didn't have a very strong aroma, so here's a "tip" ....I just added a few drops of cinnamon essence to them! (it absorbs right in!) I actually just open the container, and add the oil drops, and close it back up until I am ready to use them...they smell very cinnamony!!
Another tip, is to take some of your essences and put a few drops onto some homespun. I have a jar candle, with a piece of homespun tied around it, I just put a few drops of oil in the fabric, and after I light the candle, as the jar warms...oh my........what a fabulous scent!
I got some large pillar candles while I was out gathering more crafting supplies...LOL...you should see my HOUSE! I need to post a sign at the entry door:
Warning--DISASTER AREA--ahead!!
I am goin to grunge up those candles, and I have another side table, Steve built for me last night...have to get that finished...
I have been working on so many things, I can't post some tho, as they are for a swap.............
I guess I had better get busy...so much to do..........so little time! :)
Have a Wonderful Monday,