I got some good stuff to share :)

~Wanna WIN FREE Groceries~ for a YEAR??
I saw this in my Cooking Light magazine I received today. Thought I'd pass it along! Click on the "Daily Giveaway" link or pic button, above...to check it out and enter.
The winnings for the year of free groceries
is valued at $12, 500.
Which isn't even the best part....they will also match that amount and donate it to charity!!
That's a whopping $12,500.00 that will be donated to help your local area food bank! :) So please check it out-its worth it, and you could just win a cookbook!!


My other good stuff arrived in the mail today as well!!!
It was a GOOD mail day here! LOL!

-I got my Secret Santa Swap package today-
Jenn arranged this for us [Thanks Jenn]...it was my first swap and I was so excited about it!!
I just love to make things and give things...so I knew I'd love it!
I think we all love making and giving! :)

Well...........Today was the BIG day...........

I discovered who my Secret Santa was this afternoon!!!

...and what a GREAT bunch of goodies I received!!
I was so touched by how thoughtful Justina is...
I can't wait to get some pictures posted so you all can see the wonderful things she sent to me...

But you're gonna have to wait.................
not too much longer, it's gonna be in my post for sure! :)

I did want to be sure and share this grocery/charity giveway with you all....
I think it started Nov. 19th, so I wanted to get on it and get it posted for ya! :)
...and I want to post about Justina's secret Santa gifts in a separate post...
...she deserves TOP billing! and NO Advertisements! ;)

I can't wait to share my goodies with everyone!

Hope Everybody's Monday has been a good one!

holiday hugs,