Grateful, Thankful, Indebted....

Veteran's day holds an extra special meaning for me...My son, Brad served in Iraq. I am PROUD of him and I am proud of all who have served our country. Steve's Gramps served too, in WWII. Two uncles served in Vietnam.
We are grateful, thankful and indebted to them and to all the Veterans for their service and sacrifices. For the sacrifices made by their families…and families of those serving right now... as I sit here typing this, there are many families wondering IF/WHEN their loved ones will come home…wondering how they will get through this day…………..PRAYING they will get through this day! I know that feeling…and I have not stopped praying for them…or with them!

While Brad was serving overseas I found a wonderful forum, it was made up of other mom’s going through what I was going through, spouses, family members and friends of troops…..all gathered together to help each other through......oh...and then there were the Veterans! Oh boy, do I love those old vets!! They helped me more than I can ever tell you…..I RESPECT everyone of them. A few of them, well...I will never ever forget them…they went above and beyond, even after their service, as far as I’m concerned. They certainly did not have to sit there day after day and read posts from worried moms and spouses…they didn’t have to take the time to explain how “things work” or decipher military lingo....or sit for hours, post after post, and comfort us …. but that's what they did!
I *salute* them!

I got to know some of them pretty well…some were very stern and so hard core, a bit contankerous, they actually frightened me at times with their remarks….but I’ll tell ya what…when it mattered most…when I felt totally lost…………..those old grumps were there for me…with the kindest, warmest words I’ve ever read! And the stories they told…………..oh my goodness…it was like reliving history!!

Anyway….I have a great admiration for our Vets! For the sacrifices they made, for the Ultimate Sacrifice so many have made….and for those who are struggling with a 'war within'….We have to remember what our troops go through, and what “stays” with them for the rest of their lives………………….they fight for us….and some…fight for the themselves, the rest of their lives.
Some of the Vets were open about what they deal with...it's quite sad...to hear that from a strong, brave man..........

Brad was in Iraq after the war first started…
He saw a lot of things that no one should ever have to see…he lost a close friend while over there…that changed Brad….
...the war changed Brad……………………..
My son, is not the same young man I said good-bye to that dreadful day before his deployment….that young man is gone forever.
For those who made it home, [from any war], its a Blessing…for those who made it home, totally unscathed, it’s a Miracle.
I would give anything, in this case....to have a lot more Miracles than Blessings!
I have Steve’s grandfather’s dog-tags and Brad’s dog-tags hanging in my office……………I look at them every day...and
I will never forget!

Hum of Pain

A mother raised her son to be brave and to be strong
Never seemed to tell him though, how much our world is filled with wrongs

The suffering he may shoulder, the pain he might bear
She never told him that could happen, as a mother, she prayed he’d be spared
His soul revealed to her, as he caught her in his gaze
There was nothing left inside of him, no sunny ray of light, just a barren, saddened haze
He fights off thoughts of solitude, holds onto a dreadful shame
Reliving what his eyes have seen, aware…he will never be the same
She knows he keeps his eyes wide open, won’t allow himself to sleep
He still hears those booms echoing loud, still feels that roar, like thunder, rumbling beneath his feet
Night after night he fights off those pictures performing a mad dance in his mind
Praying in the darkness for wings to come, guiding him toward a peaceful light, he can no longer seem to find.
This war, just like others, as taken a grisly toll…so many still fighting a battle that seems to never end….
As a Soldier, he has served his country, upheld his oath to protect and defend…..
….and now…he fights those demons, a cruel, unforgiving consequence of war
Ripping and tearing and taunting, locked away, rapt deep within his core
It’s those memories he is hiding from…afraid to lay them down, to dare free their control
That image imprisoned in his minds eye is the very beast that devours his soul
A mother told her son…he must be brave, he must be strong….
Never seemed to tell him though, there are many verses to life’s song
This chorus composed of war, remains….replaying in his brain
It’s a song without an ending, no lyrics, only images and a constant hum of pain
Now…a mother tells herself…she must stay strong, she must be brave
For a son who’s spirit is shattered, for a son, she knows she alone can’t save
For the suffering that he shoulders, for the pain that he now bears
She never dreamed this would happen, she’d always prayed he’d be spared
She keeps her eyes wide opened, praying in the dark of night
Waiting for those wings to come, bringing with them, hope and a gleaming ray of light
For every Vet [still] fighting, a battle deep within….
For his sacrifices past, and his sacrifices still….for his courage absolute
I pray a peaceful melody plays, with no images, just lyrics
And that song without an ending fades….and the hum of pain grows mute
…a mother tells her son…You are strong and you are brave…
Though I’ll never know the song of war…I can feel it’s hum of pain……..


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