Finished my Side Table & a 100th Post give-away!!

How's every one's Friday so far?? I hope it's just great! ;)
To be honest, I don't have much to blog about today...
I had a great visit with my friend, Sue yesterday! It was a PERFECT day all the way around! Oh---and I got my WHOPPIN' check in the mail yesterday too..."My pay for Jury Duty".... a whole 18.00!!! :) That just happened to be the frosting on my perfect day cake-right there...LOL!
At least they were "on the ball" with getting the checks in mail!
A couple of days ago....we had our stove, the one out in the garage, take a crappo! It's always something-isn't it??!!
So we've had to spend our 'crafting' time fixing that! The auger that feeds the pellets into the stove wouldn't work, here the motor was burned up! So we had to get a new one and take the entire stove apart, put the new motor in and then put the stove back together! LOL..........it sure wasn't as EASY as I just "typed" it to be! ;) It's running like a charm again...just in time for the weather to turn chilly, or more like NORMAL November weather!
So anyway- I was a bit behind on finishing my table-----But I'm happy to report---I finished it this morning!!!

...and I just love it!
So, this post is gonna be all pics...and very little reading! :)

I really don't know where I will put my table yet-
So far it's in the family room--may end up in the dining room!
...and of course, nothing that's in it or on it...will STAY!!
LOL....I change things all the time!

100th Post Give-Away!!!

Sandy over at ***For the LOVE of Prims*** is celebrating her 100th post!
Please stop by and check out her blog, and congratulate her!
Trust me....You'll be so HAPPY ya did!!

Well that's if from here. I hope you all have a Fabulous Friday!