Extreme GRUNGE!!

Today is busy, busy, busy! I have so much to do....and because I need to 'git on the ball' and get some things finished....this post is gonna be short-n-sweet!

This is what I worked on yesterday.

I had some plain, very cheap 6" vanilla pillars, that I purchased on sale....ya know, when I say cheap here, I mean price wise...sometimes I say "cheap" and mean, I paid regular price and they didn't have any fragrance!
Well these were "cheap" both price wise and scent wise!!! :)
Anyway....they needed a "new look" and some scent...
So I decided to grunge them up a bit! I made 6!
Well , actually 5 pillars and one little votive! But I can't show them ;) 'cuz someone out there might just be getting one..............
I think I may run out and get some more cheap candles, so I can do up some more and give them a gifts! Candles are great gifts!
This little "make-over" will positively be done to all my plain candles!

~Here's the directions for making these!~

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!