Droopy Boughs, Altered Books & Candy Canes

It's Monday.........where did the weekend go??
...and where did "FALL" go??
We awoke to a wintry scene this morning!

The Olde Weeping Cedar's boughs are even more droopy, weighted down with freshly fallen snow-it is beautiful!
It's also the first [significant] snow fall of the season...the dreaded "Lake Effect" snow machine kicked into gear! We have about 8" of snow on the ground...

I always enjoy the first snow of the season...

BUT...it doesn't take long for me to get tired of it....really quick!! :)

Yesterday was a good day to stay in and put on some Christmas music and just hang out. I made a big vat of beef stew and a loaf of bread...for dinner, and while that was simmering, and baking and smellin' oh so yummy...

I worked on some more little projects.

I made this altered book, I think these make nice gifts! In fact, what I plan to do is get some cheap day planners and address books...ya know those ugly, flimsy black ones, that serve their purpose, but are so unsightly to look at, let alone to have laying out....I think I'll get some of those and cover them... they will make cute little prim gifts, don't ya think? :)

Onto my next project...

Candy Cane Ornies! I think we have all tried the candy canes wrapped with strips of muslin...in fact, I have seen so many do this project, that I have to apologize for not recalling who originally posted it...I didn't want to dip mine in wax, as I have to store my Christmas stuff in the attic...wax dipped ornies + attic + summer = A big MELTY MESS!! :)
So I came up with a pretty prim way to embellish mine...keepin' them prim yet storable. I like how they turned out!

I used picks I got this fall at a craft store (on sale)...I just took the picks apart, and then 'curled' the ends to they looked more prim...more like grape vine...I added some rusty stars and some bells...and some good ole homespun...and Wah-Lah...

Prim Candy Cane Ornies!

I have 10 made so far. I have another 15 to make, I plan to put them on my garland...and use some in arrangements too.

....One other bit of news I'd like to share....we have names for our first grandbaby!!! Brad and Amanda have decided on Ava Kathryn if she's a girl....and Gavin James...if he's a boy! I LOVE BOTH names! We have our 2nd ultrasound coming up next month....at this point they will be able to tell what the babe's gonna be! Brad wants to know what they are having, Amanda doesn't....so.......we'll see what happens!

That's it for today's post, thanks for taking the time to visit!

I Hope you all have a Marvelous Monday! ;)

Holiday Hugs,