Do ya think they know?? And Please accept this AWARD!

So do ya think they know...That Thanksgiving is just around the corner??!!
I took these pictures this morning. Yes...the snow is lovely...but, the deer and turkey (and heaven only knows how many others) just can't find food now. Last night 4 deer were out at the bird feeders, scarfing down sunflower seeds...they knocked down some of my feeders! I didn't get my camera in time to snap a picture, as the dogs were goin ballistic in here, and I had to try to get them calmed down!! They can catch the deers scent from inside the house! That's usually how we know "something" is lurkin' around outside!

This morning, there was a small flock of turkey out back...and they ventured over to the feeders, scratching around to find some seed to eat.

You can't believe how many visitors we get...not only do our feathered friends show up at the feeders, but so do the grey squirrels, the raccoons and even a bear!!

These pics of the bear were taken earlier. Early summer!

He's hibernating now... :)

I apologize for the quality of the pictures....I took them from INSIDE--through the window...LOL...NO WAY was I goin out there to snap a picture! ;)

Back the the snow...we got between 2 1/2 to 3 feet of snow!

Bella & Issak...out playing!

Ya can't tell from this picture, but from inside, lookin out my office window, which is directly above the porch roof.....the snow on the porch roof is up to the middle of the window!!

LOL...I thought it seemed pretty dark in here! In this picture, the snow is NOT shoveled into piles....
this is actually how deep it is! Beneath those mounds of snow, well that's where my whisky barrel and old hand pump are...my punkins are still under there some where.............that's a lotta snow! :)

I also want to give this AWARD to EVERYONE of YOU who visits me, and those who are so kind as to add me to your blogroll! When I started my bloggin' adventure, I had no idea how many wonderful, KINDHEARTED, & generous "friends" I would meet! I appreciate you ALL so much...so many of you have helped me get started....and I would like to "thank you" all for that! I appreciate every one of ya! I want you to PLEASE accept this award-ALL OF YOU-and feel free to pass it along! Because to me...Nice really does matter....your kindness is overwhelming....and all you sweet gals...matter to me :)

Hope Every One is having a WONDERFUL WEEKEND!
We sure are...the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and we are finally done (for the time being) with our shoveling and snow blowing!!

Holiday Hugs,