Com'on over...have a look-see at what I got!!

Happy Thursday~All!

What a wonderful Wednesday I had....
I received a special 'just because' gift in the
mail, from my friend, Juanita!!

She made this jar! Don't ya just love it?!
...but wait....
Tucked inside I found these......

She filled my jar, chock-full--with some of her homemade
bowl fillers! :) I love 'em!
I'll have to find just the right spot for my jar,
I think it's gonna go in my hutch!
Of course, I already have the bowl fillers sittin' out! :)
What a nice "just because" gift!!
Thanks sooooo much Juanita,
I love my special gift, and my special friend-
who's just so thoughtful and
took the time to send it me.
*hugs* to you girl!

I Hope You ALL Have a VERY HAPPY & Productive THURSDAY! ;)
Now.....it's back to some unfinished crafting projects for me.....I think I'm gaining some ground now!!