A cheerleader, a ninja and some works in progress

Well, I was on here Wednesday...and next thing I know...it's already Saturday! I hope every one had a FUN Halloween! My sil stopped by with her kids...our niece was a cute little cheerleader and our nephew, well I'm not sure what he was....LOL! Steve say's he was a ninja!?
Elizabeth & Andrew were the ONLY trick-or-treaters we had! We live out in the boonies....so we never have any kids stop. That's fine with me....I had my share when Brad was younger! :) I don't really miss it.

I tell ya--I've been workin my lil fingers to the bone, these past few days! I did get my frig cleaned out...I didn't have much to throw out.
Thank goodness!
It needed cleaned anyway...so in a way, I'm glad the elec went out...
other wise I know I would have just kept putting that dreaded chore off! As long as I was hoein' out the frig...I spent the rest of my Wednesday cleaning..........and doin laundry! That way I had the rest of the week to do my crafty stuff! :)
Thursday was "stitchin" day.
I taught myself to do the "Blanket Stitch"!! YAY for me :)
I was so tickled! I think I am doin it right-I dunno...maybe not...but it looks ok...so I guess that's all that really matters! I can't wait to try it on something now...
Ohhh and....
I finished my 'God Bless Ewe' stitchery too...I got the free pattern from Twigs.
I can't wait to get it framed! I think we're just gonna try making some frames.

So, when I wasn't stitchin'....I was sandin' and fillin' nail holes! Steve and I have been doin our wood workin' projects in the evenings.... haven't got them finished yet...I will be working on that this week. I have some other things started too, but I can't post them...as some are swap gifts!
...here's a sneak peek of our side table cupboard we made. It will end up painted and distressed...I'm not sure what color yet...most likely BLACK! :)

We plan to make a few more of these for Christmas gifts....

I think I will just stain the inside, rather than painting it?? I don't know yet. Sometimes I have NO PLAN...lol...I just do it as I go...and those projects usually turn out as the best ones!
So-anyway, that's what I've been up to since last Wednesday! I have so much to do and so much I WANT to do...and I feel like Christmas is gaining ground so fassssssssssst! I start to get myself worked into a tizzy over it!!!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!
~hugs to ya all~