YAY-New Windows!

Well, today I get my new windows for the kitchen!! YAY!
I have been planning my “kitchen makeover” a long time now…for YEARS actually!
I can’t wait! I stated out with a “gotta git'er done” in a hurry kitchen-when we bought this house the kitchen was a disaster. We had so many other updates to make, that we had no choice but to throw something in, just so it was functional, with good intentions of re-doing it ASAP….
LOL…well ASAP has now turned into 13 years!!
I did re-do my cabinets, they were originally natural Oak cabinets, that we just threw a few quick coats of ‘poly’ on and that was that. Then I decided to ‘distress’ them. So I cleaned them, then put a coat of paint on them ( a beige tone), sanded spots to take off some of the color to let the wood come through, ya know...the “worn” look!
Then I stained them! I think they turned out very nice…for doin it myself! I had hubby cut out a primitive five point star shape in each cabinet door above the sink….and I inserted rusty tin inside the door, so looking at the cupboard door, you see a rusty star!

Anyway….it’s finally time to make my kitchen bigger….and get some new cabinets.
First things first though…we have to put in new windows!
Will keep ya posted on this project………I hope it goes quicker that the “stone” project!