Tuesday is PIE Baking day & I don't even like PIE!

So I will spending the day baking Apple Pies with my aunts...they make a bunch up then freeze them, to have over winter...It's a fun day...even though I don't like PIE!! But then, this day isn't about ME...just getting to spend the day with them is enjoyable. I think I am more of a hindrance than a help tho :) My Aunt will not give up on me, she insists that one day I will be able to make a "good" pie crust!! That's one thing I struggle with-making a good flaky pie crust. It's not from lack of trying.........
I think maybe, if I actually liked PIE...I might have better luck with my crust?? Anyway...today isn't about ME or the PIE...it's about spending time with my aunts!
After all........if it was about ME............we'd be making CREAM PUFFS!! :) LOL!

This will be an all day 'event'...........So, I will wish you all a Happy Tuesday, and I will catch up with you on Wednesday!

Also--I just wanted to say one thing about my Awards I received yesterday and the "tag"...first of all I was so tickled to get an award, which actually turned into Two Awards in one day! WOW --I felt so honored, especially being so new to blogging. Thanks again Juanita and Jenn...It truly means a lot to me!

I did realized, rather quickly, that it takes a lot of time to get the 'tag' and the awards all posted and linked to everyone...not only that...But I didn't enjoy having to "choose" who got an award. I think EVERYONE of you should have it! Those I picked deserve it, but so does everyone else that I didn't pick.................

I think that from now on, (if) I am lucky enough to receive another award, I will post it with pride :) and lotsa gratitude....but I don't want to have to pick or choose who gets it...I would rather thank the person who gave it--and share it with everyone who stops by....I hope that's ok? I see others' do that too, sure wish I would have noticed that sooner!! ;)

...I felt bad all day yesterday, about "choosing" some, and not others....it actually took the FUN outta getting my award! Please know that I feel you all deserve these awards...and in the future, I will be sharing them that way! I am not one who can pick and choose.

Now-I'm off to go bake some pies.........................
Have a Beautiful Tuesday!!