Today is a SPECIAL day....

It's my Dad's 70th Birthday!

My Angel in Disguise...

Though I cannot see a halo

nor majestic wings unfold

I see a light within you

baring love that goes untold

You give to us, unselfishly

for this you should be proud

the joy you've given through these years

fills our live's with love abound

So, I may not see your halo

nor your majestic wings unfold

But I consider you an Angel

...and thought you should be told

I can never give you thanks enough

for all you've given me

All I can do is love you-LOTS

...and for all eternity

As I sit here writing this

You should know what I surmise;

You are more than just my dad....

You Are My Angel in Disguise


~I Love you, Dad~

Have a SUPER, Fantastic, Wonderfully HAPPY day-

...and Remember what they say....

'todays' 70- is the new 50!!