Scrapbooking...done a little differently!!

It's Sunday and.....
I've been scrap booking!! I just love it! When I can find time to do it...that is! I also had to come up with a way to store all my stuff. I am not one to leave it out...clutter drives me nuts. All my other crafty stuff is done out in the garage, or over in hubby's shop...Clutter out there doesn't seem to bother me as much! LOL!
So, I re-purposed our TV Armour! :) It works great...I had hubby move it into the dining room-I just use the dining table to work on.....and all I have to do is CLOSE THE DOORS when I'm done!! Whah-Lah...no mess to look at ...which makes me extremely happy! :)

OK-so, it's not the 'normal' scrap book. I decided to put all my poetry into a scrap book! I love to write too, so why not meld the two??! I created one book already, and gave it as a gift to my Aunt , for her birthday. She just loved it. Or at least she was very kind and told me she did!! :)

It was funny how I came up with this idea....I would write a poem and call her up and read it to her, and she would say..."oh...please print it off and mail it to me so I can keep it!" [She doesn't have a computer].
Well, after about 10 mailings, I thought it would be fun to make a scrapbook for her...So I gathered up some of my poems and embellished each page based on the theme of the poem. LOL-it took me way, way longer to create the pages, than to write the poems! Trying to find just the right items to stick on each page as sorta tough!

It did make a very unique gift though. I'll have to admit, it's prolly the ONLY 'poetry scrap book' she'll ever recieive! I have started on my second book now. Here's a page I just did. It's so hard to get a good picture, but I tried :)

Below is the poem


I feel these words as I write
are delivered as a gift
Coming from one who’s touched my life
Enabling my heart this freedom to drift
I unearth these words I’ve gathered
Concealed, deep within my being
It’s you who frees each word I scribe
Giving each verse a meaning
Every word that comes to me…
Comes from a thought once felt
From deep inside, hidden away
Just waiting to be expelled
What I compose is but an echo
Of what my heart has heard
I sit and wait and listen….
While each beat translates to word
It’s an angel’s light [I think] I see
Preventing any darkness that may fall
It’s a lifetime of emotions
To embrace and to recall
You are the one who gives this gift
Who enables these words to flow
You are the one who gives me cause
It’s your essence that sets my heart aglow
So, I write these words to give to YOU
For all you’ve given me……
For all the imprints left on my heart
For all those yet to be
I feel these words as I write
From my heart, to paper penned
Words from you…a gift to me
Please know;
It’s from YOU, my words descend……



This on was written for my hubby, Steve...because he just makes every little bit of my world....sucha HAPPY HAPPY place!! :)

Have a Blessed SUNDAY, Everyone!!

*hugs* ~Kath