Remedying My Pet-Peeves....

Ya know what I don't like in a room, those ugly air returns and register covers!
I got this Black Wrought Iron cover, as a gift from my mom...I LOVE IT!

It's round isn't it so neat?! I thought about getting more and replacing the "brown ugly ones " we now have in every room! The wrought iron one's are pricey, and the shipping is too!
I did get some black one's at Lowe's [ not wroght iron] and put them in the Bath and Family room...

but by the time I replace them all...well...that would cost quite a bit, and I can surely find something else to spend that $$ on...so I spray painted the other ones!! I got some Flat Black spray paint and sprayed them...and I
have some Hammer Black too...they turned out very nice! and didn't cost any more than a can of spray paint!!

Now- I know they aren't as neat as the one's I bought...but, hey- it remedied my pet-peeve of having BROWN ones.
*please note...it doesn't bother me when other's have brown....it's only MINE that bug me!