My Tarts....

...They actually turned out!! YAY- I'm so tickled about my tarts!!! LOL!
And even better....I didn't make a mess doin this project!!
That right there, [the no mess factor] makes me extremely happy! ;)
They smell sooooooooooo good too! This batch is "Sugar Cookie".
I just melted one of my old candles, I put some water in a pan and a canning jar ring in the bottom of the pan, to keep the jar up off the pan bottom, I kept the heat as low as I could...I have a candle warmer, which would have worked--but of course, I was too impatient to wait for that to melt it!

Once the wax was all melted, I added some scented candle oils and used a small ladle to pour the melted wax into my muffin pans...I tried using my silicone muffin pan, it worked really good!! The tin pan worked well too, I cooled that one in the freezer and the tarts came right out!

Here's what I ended up with! They aren't anything fancy-but they serve their purpose...they have a better/stronger aroma than the one's ya buy!

I got 18 tarts from a 22 oz. candle. [I know there is only 17 in the picture, that's cuz I had to try one!!)
Tart's are pricey lil' buggers aren't they? So I am glad they turned out, I love to burn tarts, this way I can re-purpose my old candles and save myself some $$!!

I have lots more old candles that have no scent left in them, so I plan to make more tarts now that I know I can do it, and with NO mess!
I am goin to get some Holiday Scents so I can make some for the holidays!!

~Hope everyone had a wonderful Wednesday~