My new work bench- power tool and albino pumpkin

Well, here it is....my new “work bench” / cabinet, that Steve made for me! He had some scraps laying around his shop so he put them all together
and wha-lah, a new handy dandy work bench!!! I just love using up scraps!!
I think the only expense he had was the casters-so that makes it even better!
It's not "pretty" or fancy but who needs pretty or fancy?!
It serves its purpose WELL!

He also bought me a new sander for all my wood working projects!! I was very surprised when he brought this baby home!! I always get his "hand-me-down" tools! This is my first brand new power tool!!
I was using a palm sander, and regular old sand paper pieces…he just “thought” this would be easier for me….what a nice “thought”!

This new sander is so heavy tho, I can’t even lift it… I work in the garage, and now that it’s chilly out, I like working in front of the stove…so when he built this bench he put it on casters so I can move it where ever I’d like…with ease! That way, if I need it out of the way or don't need to work in front of the stove…I can just wheel it outta the way!! How clever his is!! And to think...all I asked for was a couple of old saw horses and a piece of waffer board! :)

LOL…he does these things for me because he’s so thoughtful…BUT…he also has his own motives!! [He thinks I don't realize this!]
I know he built me this "mobile work area" so he didn’t have to keep moving that heavy sander for me!! I know that I tend to bother him from time to time...seems he just gets busy doin something and there I am…asking him to please move the sander…or something!! So he actually built it for himself! No matter-it’s the “thought” that counts and I love it!
I can’t wait to get out and use it now!

While I was out taking a few pics of my new work bench...these guys were hanging out...so I snapped a pic of them....it's My woodworking crew! In the back...that's Bella, then Issak and Ellie Mae the kitty! We have 2 other cats, and another dog, Rylee-she's in the house!

I did get my first stitchery finished here's a pic of it "finsihed"...I have already started on my second one!
Oh I almost forgot-- I wanted to share my albino pumpkin with ya too! Steve brought this home for me, he was at the feed store and saw it and just thought it was neat! It is neat huh? I don't know if I have even seen a white punkin! :) course--now-- being that I was so tickled about a "white punkin" I will see them everywhere!!!
I hope you all have a Great Weekend!