Lotsa "FIRSTs" to share....

Wow, I have so many "FIRSTs" to share with everyone today!!
First of all, We got our First snow of the season...it didn't stick, but it snowed none the less!!! At least now, I think, it means we can look forward to our Indian summer??? Hope that's what it means!

I also received my stencils!! I so couldn't wait to start making signs. I made two so far...what FUN!!
Here's my FIRST attempt at sign making...

Next.... I'll share my FIRST time trying my hand at "stitching"...this project isn't finished, but I wanted to share it anyway! I am just so happy that I can READ THE WORDS that I STITCHED, that's HUGE to me!!!! :)
LOL, I thought for sure, the front and the back would pretty much look the same...........but I was pleasantly surprised when I could actually tell the difference between the two sides! I used a scrap piece of fabric I had here just to practice on...I didn't want to practice on my new muslin! :) Sorry the pic is a little bit on the dark side....

I saw so many neat stitcheries on here that I just had to try it! I stopped by Tammy's place yesterday to see her first stitchery she did...It's so NICE! What a great job she did!! I can't wait to get this finished and start a "real one"...lol...it seems like all of you gals just sit down and whip one up...I am still trying to get the "french knot" thing! I'll get it eventually!

So there is one more "FIRST" I wanted to share...this one is my Happiest one to share with you: I know it's not a good pic...but we received our very FIRST "picture" of our very FIRST grand-babe!!!!
This is truly a blessing, [every child is]...but we almost lost our son, six months ago in a very, very bad accident. He was not expected to survive. In fact they still don't know how he survived the accident itself....let alone the heart repair and everything else he went through.....
So for us to come so close to losing our only child, to then come full circle and be celebrating his 'second chance' ...'our second chance with him' and now, 'a new little life'...well our JOY is just beyond words!!!!!!!!
I BELIEVE in MIRACLES...I always have...they are all around us, every day, every where... some are big, some are small...
I was given one when my son lived...even the doc's and nurse's said it was a miracle.....and now I have been given another......................
GOD is soooo GOOD..........and..........I THANK HIM every single day!

Have a Wonderful Day and............
.............Always Believe.....;)

I just wanted to include this poem I wrote, writing helps me get through things...this was written the day I got home from Texas, after Brad's accident.

His Amazing Grace…

has…once again touched my soul-more profoundly than any time in my past
He graced me with boundless strength and courage-when my darkness appeared oh, so vast
His touch, I witnessed, can mend a heart-literally torn and weary and weak
His amazing grace did light my way-along this journey that seemed so bleak
With each day, though worry was great, -I sensed His amazing grace
Brad sensed this too, without expression-I could see a ‘peace’ reflecting from his face
Although he lay there motionless, eyes closed, unable to convey
Brad had awareness of His grace, it was apparent, each time I commenced to pray
Brad’s breaths were given by machine, his body left opened and defenseless
Yet each time I asked Him, He gave me hope-His grace amazingly swift and endless
He took our hearts in His hand, both torn and wounded deeply, each in a different way
His amazing grace gave us strength, we [both] grew stronger with each new day
When I felt most hopeless, helpless and unable to comfort my only child
I confessed to Him, “I have no control, I am powerless”, and with amazing grace-He smiled…
I had to give this trial completely unto Him, I prayed with more conviction than I ever had before-
These were more than words to me, but absolute reliance, so to Him, I did implore:
[“Dear Lord, please take care of Brad, or take him home with You,
please give me strength, either way, I put all my trust in You“…]

From that moment on, Brad’s health progressed, with speed, at times, beyond belief
My fears and helplessness were now lost, gone too was the uncertainty and grief
In their place, serenity, and peacefulness, a heartfelt “knowing” I cannot explain…
It’s “faith” beyond “just believing”…it’s far deeper, like a consciousness I can’t abstain
I have always held a strong belief, in God and in the miracles His amazing grace bestows
But now …I no longer “just believe“…No, now, I truly “know”….

© k.bosko

I sought the Lord and He heard me…
-Psalm 34:4