It's SLACK day!!!

*~*~*~Sharing Little Acts of Country Kindness*~*~*~

In my opinion, “SLACK” day should be every day!
We get so busy with our daily goings on, that sometimes we forget to offer up some "SLACK", whether it be to our neighbor, friend, family member, or a complete stranger. We take so much for granted now-a-days.....
Now- it’s also my opinion that “country folk,” whether country raised or country at heart, are some of the sweetest, most caring and kind people around-so I believe it comes naturally, “kindness”, I mean……I think we are born to be "SLACKer's" LOL!
Today, I am starting my day with some "SLACK"!!

And hopefully my entire day will be filled with "SLACK"!
I think maybe every Thursday, on my blog, will from here on out, become known as Slack Thursday
I would LOVE it if anyone who visits here, would leave a comment, telling what kinda "SLACK" you offered up today…or received, anything and everything matters…the smallest, gesture towards another is all it takes….
I began my day with a simple little "thank you-for you" note that I tucked away in hubby's lunch this morning.....hopefully it brightens his day...and he then shines some SLACK upon someone else!! I also, wrote a second note for hubby to give to a lady he sees everyday, who's husband is in the hospital, just so she knows, we are thinkin of her and her husband!

The more SLACK we give...
The more SLACK we get back!
Now lets get out there and start SLACKin
*Country Hugs* to ALL!