It's a Melancholy Sorta Day.....

Well, today my mom and dad left the beautiful state of PA!

They are heading back to sunny, warm, tropical (over populated) Florida!
I am so sad to see them go. They come up here to stay for the summer, and the summer of course, seems to fly by far to quickly! Hubby and I built them a place here on part of our property, so they are very close by…just a quick walk through the yard! LOL-we have actually created a “path” in the yard-from our daily visits back and forth!
I miss them already, and they have only been gone an hour!!
On my walk home, I was looking at how beautiful it was here…how quite and just plain peaceful....I wondered why anyone would want to leave??? [I mean, other than to get outta here before the dreaded “lake effect” snow machine kicks on]--it’s just soooo gorgeous here.
I went out and snapped a few pictures this morning, after they left. I realize that palm trees and coconuts are all good….and I know everything, for the most part, stays “green” year ‘round down there…..but how can ya pass up a view like this!!?? It's a gift to wake-up to this each morning!

The morning sun is just starting to burn off the fog, which is still hanging over the brilliant colored autumn hills.

I could smell the smoke from the neighbors up the road, who are stokin' up their wood stove to take away the morning chill. As I walked up the road, (I had to walk the road, 'cuz the grass was wet and I had slippers on!!) I thought to myself..."this is truly country life" and "I LOVE IT"...after all, how many people can take a morning walk up the road with a 'ceramic rooster mug' of coffee in hand, jammies still on, and slippers on their feet...Not one car passed me by...[thank goodness]...but even if one did, I'm sure they have already seen my "morning slipper walk" ritual, the folks around here are pretty laid back-no one who passes by our home, doesn't wave!! On a rare occasion, someone may drive by without waving...and we know...without a doubt..."THEY AINT FROM AROUND THESE PARTS"!! LOL!

We are truly "rural".............

About the only thing we need to watch for, while on a morning walk, is the horse poop on the road-left behind by the horses, we have lots of Amish goin up and down our road! We just got our first Applebee's and Lowe's and Walmart a little over a year ago!!! How exciting!!! Before that, we had to make an hour trip to Erie, or go to NY state! Mom and dad used to complain because they had to "drive" so far to go any place...down in FL...they don't have far to go at all, there are prolly 4 Walmarts within a 10 mile radius! Although, there are so many people down there, it takes over an hour to go 2 miles-the traffic is just awful! So...like I told mom; I would rather drive for an hour and actually be goin somewhere....than be sitting still, stuck in TRAFFIC...by my calculation, it still takes an hour, either way...whether in FL or PA!!

I know they enjoy the warm sunny weather...and I know they have a wonderful time in FL...and that makes me happy....but I miss 'em...and can't wait for them to get back!

*safe trip*


Love and Miss you guys ~Lots!