It's MAGIC Monday...Again!

I say that because, last I knew it was Friday-I was anticipating my ‘weekend’ and looking forward to getting so much done! Then, like magic, with one big “POOOF”, the weekend was GONE! And…it was Magically, MONDAY, again!
I didn’t get everything done that I had planned…seems I never do, there just aren't enough hours in my day! I did FINALLY, get music embedded on my blog though! LOL…I was so happy to have [at least] accomplish that! I don’t think it should have taken me an entire day to figure it out……………..but looking on the bright side, at least it ONLY took me a day! I hope ya find it enjoyable! Ya can hear it-can't you? Goodness, I hope I am not the only one who can!! Knowing me, I didn't do something correct, and it's only playing on my computer!

I had plans to get out and do my Fall Clean-up. Get everything out of my gardens now that we’ve had our first hard frost. It’s always kinda sad, when this time comes, to put all the garden ornaments away for the winter, dig up the Dahlia’s and cut back the ‘late bloomer’s’ still struggling to put on one last show, before the snow comes. Thank goodness for Mums and Pumpkins! Mum's are loyal bloomers right up until it snows-and pumpkins-well it just isn't FALL without them!
We live in a valley, so from every window, my view is of brightly colored hills….it’s just so beautiful!

I wish autumn would last and last! I love it. It’s my favorite season. Unfortunately, here in northwest PA., our fall season isn’t long enough! Before we know it, we’ll be getting hit with that ever so dreaded “Lake Effect” snow!! Of course we live in the snow belt region! YAY!
So today, I plan to get out there and get all my fall clean up chores done!
For, before I know it...fall will be over and winter will knocking on the door!

So-I'm off to get my chores done, that's if I don’t find something more fun to do! After all, it is Magic Monday--who know's what will happen!!
Happy Monday, EVERYONE! I hope y'all have a little bit of magic in your day!