It's been a Distressing-Grungy, but delightful couple of days!

Monday started out with a good “hoeing out” of my garage! [Which turned into a two day-er!] Figured I might as well get that chore outta the way! I needed to get things straightened around, sorted through and picked up so I have more room to do crafty stuff! :)
I do a lot of crafts in there over the cold winter months.

While cleaning and goin through things, (that I have no idea why I even kept to begin with)…I found some pine 1x’s I had saved for something?! Oh-yes...now I remember...I was hangin on the those so I could make some signs...once I got around to ordering some stencils!
I also came across this huge old bakery box.

I had forgotten all about it. My MIL got it for me while on one of her garage sale adventures a few years back. I put it out in the garage…thinking I would come up with a really neat - creative idea that would put it to good use, or make a nice display of some sort! LOL…3 years later………I still can’t think of anything! I really like the old brass corners and handles...
I am wondering if any of you gals can think of something to do with this?? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! It’s HUGE and it’s so heavy! I really like it, but I just dunno what to do with it! I know she picked it up because she knows I love old wooden crates and boxes……I would love to use it…………any ideas?? Anyone??

Anyway, I was tickled to find the pine boards …I also found some pieces, not long enough to make signs with or even a small shelf....so I decide I would make a sconce--Ok, well, what I mean is, I thought I would have Steve make me a sconce out of those pieces!!! So he grabbed them up and off he went over to his shop. About 20 minutes later, he came back with this!

So, I painted it...a mustard color

Then I distressed it, sanded and antiqued it...with ebony stain.

{Keep in mind...I am supposed to be cleaning out the garage!!} LOL!

I think it turned out pretty good-I think we may "tweak" the next one a bit...make the back a tad bit taller....

I knew a regular bulb in a plain white candle wouldn't look right....it needed a "grungy" bulb in the candle--so I made some of those last night. I grunged some silicone bulbs...this is my first try at the "grunge" bulbs. I make plain old silicone bulbs all the time... well...my first time grunging bulbs isn't that great...it sorta looks like I dipped the bulb in CARAMEL...LOL...it isn't 'grungy" enough- is it?!

The darker colored candle is a battery operated candle...I don't like the bulb at all...it's way too big and a lot harder to dip! I grunged the candle sleeve--it was a plain white plastic sleeve, I put my grunge on really thick and I let it kinda run down the sleeve, and it puddled at the brass base, it looks sorta neat! Looks like a melted candle!

Here's a close-up, it's still wet!

The candle below is one I tried using the hot fabric glue technique I saw posted on the CS forum...the candle looks far better now that I added my caramel/grunge bulb!

So, here's the finished sconce, below! I added the rusty star...but it's 'removable' --I used a little bit of poster tacky to stick it on, that way if I change my mind about it later...I can just take it off and use the star somewhere else, with no marks left on my sconce!

So...all in all, my Monday and Tuesday, were both "distressing" & "grungy" ...yet very delightful days!! While cleaning out the garage, I also came across a bunch of old candles in big jars. I have no clue what I was saving those for! I have a candle warmer, and I use that sometimes, rather than burning them, so I have all these jars full of unscented wax. I actually had them in the wagon, ready to haul them up to the dumpster....when suddenly, I had a "light bulb" moment!

**I will melt the wax and make homemade tarts**!! :)

So, See---this is the reason a chore such as cleaning out the garage, turns into a two day-er!! LOL...I always find something to do with the "stuff" I am supposed to be straightening up or GETTING RID OF!! I did manage to get the garage done today tho, so.....it's not gonna become a three day-er,


I even managed to get my stencils ordered.

Which leaves me lotsa time for.......Wednesday's project:

Re-Purposed WAX! LOL! ....

Will let ya know how the tarts turn out!!

~Hope y'all had a wonderful day~