I just gotta say.........

I have been trying to visit as many blogs as I can……
I grab my cup of coffee, and off I go! I could spend hours on here!

I start out at one blog…just to leave a quick comment and the next thing I know…I am on another…and another………………..My “FAV LIST” is growing by leaps and bounds!!!

What amazes me is this; I have visited so many inspiring blogs….some of you have small children, some have jobs, some are managing both! Some of you home school your kids, I admire that! I also admire all you SAHM’s out there! You are TOPS in my book…I couldn’t be a stay at home mom, I had to raise my son by myself…my ex ran off and abandoned my son and I when he was only 7 weeks old! So I had to work….at one point, I had to work two jobs. It was hard, but we made it through…everything happens for a reason-I know that…sometimes we just don’t know what “the reason is”….
I would have given anything to be able to stay at home with my son. But ‘we have to do what we have to do‘…whether we like it or not…
Of course as hard as that time in my life was…I am grateful….for if that had not happened, I would have never had Steve come into my life and into my son’s life! Everything happens for a reason!! As far as I can tell…I am right where I am supposed to be!!!

I am also amazed at the things you gals accomplish, while juggling everyday life!
I see so much creativity--it just amazes me! Your homes are so beautifully decorated and so warm and inviting! Even your blogs are that way! They just draw ya in!
I honestly don’t know how some of you have time

to do everything you do!!

It’s so wonderful to be connected with so many giving, caring…and selfless people! Ohh, and I forgot to mention TALENTED people!!!
I just wanted to share that with you--all! My only other option was to copy and paste this post to everyone’s “blog comments”….which would take me ALL DAY! So I opted to do it this way!

You all really do amaze me-and I am so glad I stumbled upon this world of blogging!! Thank you all for welcoming me, and helping me along!
What a nice place to come each day…..

Have a Wonderful Weekend-Everyone