Effortless Beauty

Well...I was goin to post about my day, today...until I went outside after cleaning up the dinner dishes and saw the beautiful sky! ....just thought I'd share some photos I took a little bit ago...

It's dusk here, and the sky is just gorgeous! Honestly, these pictures don't do it justice. When I stepped out the back door, it looked as if God had dipped His fingers in heavenly pink paint....and painted a magnificent masterpiece, against a blue canvas, just for me this evening!! I was quick to thank Him for this beautiful sight too!

That's the moon! Isn't the color of the sky pretty?

Sometimes it's the simplest things that make ya stop in your tracks...and realize....GOD gives us so many beautiful gifts everyday...ya just have to slow down a bit, and take notice of what He's showin' ya....

HIS effortless, beautiful gifts are all around us :)

--Guess the projects I did today, can wait until tomorrow to be posted!!
.............until then....have a beautiful evening, everyone!