Conversation of the Heart........

I speak to you every night and countless times throughout my day
I long to hear your voice reply, to words I send your way

In times past.....

...when I was little, I talked to you repeatedly...
I heard you then, as I lay in bed, your peaceful tone did comfort me
Do you still hear the words I say? Are you still here with me in spirit?
I wonder where you are sometimes...when my heart cries, are you still the first to hear it?
I try not to question things, I ask only for your love and guidance
Yet as I pray, I pause and wonder....are you here, in the midst of my silence?
If I could ask you anything, this I wonder most;
are all the stars in the sky above, merely reflections of Your Heavenly Host?
If i could ask you everything, this I think about as well;
why is life on earth so cruel at times? Seems we create a conscious hell....
I know I should not question things, I assure, my faith's abiding
but sometimes....I just wonder if...by "wondering"...are my convictions subsiding?
Forgive my God, for asking....'do you still hear me when I pray?'
I just long to hear your voice reply to the words I send your way.........
I don't hear your voice, like I did when I was little, now hushed, your peaceful tone eludes
while my ears struggle to hear your words...my heart still beats with gratitude
For as I sit here writing this, I have awareness; I am not alone
There's something coexisting with my spirit, profound, rapt within my soul.......

And now...........................

I know you hear me before I speak, I know you're here with me in spirit
You know before I, the reason my heart cries....You are the first to hear it
Thank you for your guidance, for your love, limitless and pure.....
Thank you too for listening always....You still talk to me-I'm sure!
With each question I have asked of You, every uncertainty I held, subsided
For within my questions lives Your answers...thus by "wondering"...my convictions are abiding
When I was little I talked with You, but with my ears, heard no words...
It wasn't Your voice that i listened to....it was through my heart that we conversed
So I'll sit with You in stillness, feeling the beat of your every word...
Knowing now, when You speak to me, it's through my heart that You'll be heard
I believe in everything, in this i trust the most;
My hearts been told, the stars above are true reflections of Your Heavenly Host
I believe in everything......and I believe in this as well;
It is Your grace that leads to Heaven's Gate...it's a deafened heart, that leads to hell

I speak to You everyday....I once again hear the words that You impart...
words not spoken from lips, nor heard by ear....It's a conversation of the heart