Char's Great Idea...Her Jar Safe!

Don't ya just get so inspired & wanna try all these clever ideas??
I DO!!

SO- Here's my version!

I used coffee beans. I think it's cute...I already have something tucked away in it too!!

If ya missed it, or haven't had a chance to check it out yet...she has a complete, easy to follow tutorial on her blog-- The Pickled Pepper Patch
Along with tons of other great ideas!

I just wanted to post this, 'cuz I thought it was so neat-it looks neat and serves a neat little purpose! And it's so easy to do.
Whatta great 'lil "multi-tasking" Jar!!!
I think it's a cool little gift idea as well!

Thanks for sharing this and all your clever ideas, Char!

I Love my 'Lil Jar Safe!